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I can be so lazy sometimes I forget to waste time.

Well it’s been quite an interesting past months indeed, so much that I was too lazy for this, even on those days I was being extra lazy.

Anyway, GuildWars: Eye of the North was released, and it is indeed grand. I even purchased the GotY upgrade thingy for the core game, granting me a heap of pointless weapons, just ’cause I could.

I have a pre-paid visa now, it lets me buy things without letting people leach all my money (well not all of it).

I moved from my place up in Coburg down to share a flat with my dad in Oakleigh. This place is cool in the summer due to awesome brick walls, you shall worship them now.

My car is fully functional and people have been taking a lot of advantage of that. But no more, you want me to drive you somewhere you hand over petrol money up front. That’s fair.

Hellgate: London was released here on the 30th of October. I have been playing a lot of it and enjoying it, so much so that I shelled out the clams required to become a Founder, which allows me to be an elitist prick and lord it over everyone.
Fear my lifetime subscription!

Just recently we hosted the January Premium Weekend for the Camarilla, it went well, no PCs died as a result of my actions and everyone seemed satisfied with it.

I suppose I should post more, but well I want to play some more Hellgate. I mean Stonehenge just got released for it 😀

Just two weekends past, Respawn v6 was held up at Bundoora. Now if I was ignorant of how much gamers like porn, I wasn’t afterwards. I must have uploaded something like 50 or so gigs of straight porn.
I wasn’t advertising or anything, people just like porn.

I also got to play some Naval Combat with my new clan/cult, FUMM, AKA Fucked Up Monkey Meat.
So far this only involves my previous housemate Vortex Vandle, but we managed to scrounge up a couple of randoms so we could stick it to the admins. Due to rules changing and not being clear and whatnot, things didn’t really go anywhere. But we so pwned them good.

Vortex also liked bread.

So until later, when I might even be wearing pants, adios!