The end of The Abyss as we know it.

Obscure and unusual title, I know, but it might mean something to friends of mine.

Long story somewhat short, back when I was living in a place by myself with my very own broadband connection to myself, I chose to acquire a modem with Wifi.
Since then (and this is over two devices) I’ve used the SSID The Abyss.

I kept that SSID alive as I moved through a few places, just for convenience really.
Hell, my Netgear DG834G has held up nicely, so no need to replace it.

When I moved in to the house I’m currently in, their was an Apple Airport in place, however I couldn’t be bothered trying to use it due to the highly complicated password I could never remember even if I wanted to.
So out came The Abyss, disabling pretty much all features and using it as a dumb hotspot enabled switch.

A few years later and the housemate chooses to upgrade the puny Airport to an Ubiquiti Unifi, a product of some seriously greater capability.
No sponsoring or anything involved, but seriously Ubiquiti make some nice hardware.
They’re æsthetically pleasing as well, but no idea how the plastic handles long-term UV exposure.

Seriously we’ve got full house coverage of all devices, right down to passing through double brick walls for anywhere on the property.
I don’t have much in the way of AC devices, but my Ns and Gs are more than happy with it.

And so, after logging in all my smart devices and desktop PC to the Unifi’s SSID, I finally unplugged The Abyss and put it to rest.

Maybe in time I shall revive The Abyss for common usage, but if I do, it’ll probably be hosted on some wonderful Ubiquiti based hardware that doesn’t feel like a relic from last decade.

Maybe, just maybe.


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