Internets are still slow.

Well here I am sitting here at 2am on a Sunday, why? you ask.
The answer is simple, I’m waiting for the month to tick over at Optus and for my connection to go back to full speed.

Of course that’s not all I’ve been doing. Even played a few hours of GuildWars earlier tonight. I had no idea there were repeatable quests, how odd.

Had me some good pasta just before.

But when the bandwidth ticks over I’ll know it and will be able to catch up on things I should have had by now, but haven’t due to being shaped the last week or so.

I think I shall do some brief work on my Angry Marines or pre-heresy Emperor’s Children again.

Tally Ho.


About 2 and a half hours after I posted this, internet got uncapped… for the win!

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