To upgrade my OS or not to upgrade my OS, that is the question.

So, as many people will not know, I run two desktops at home. (I also run my SGSIII, Nexus 7, and a WDTV Live, but they’re not relevant to this.)

There’s my old system which I was using up to this year, it’s a core2quad 8200, 8 gig machine with a GF9800GTX+.
When I upgraded I left all my productivity software and stuff on it, because quite frankly I didn’t want to have to install it all over again if I didn’t need to.
Of course it’s OS drive is a puny 200gig SATA drive, it’s a bit fully currently, but it’s still functional.
This is Angelique.

My new system is one I built at the start of this year, with the plan to upgrade as I go, multiple PCI-E 16x slots and so on.
I play all my games on this one, I’ve avoided installing productivity software on it, it’s purely for entertainment.
This is Stitch.

So I remote desktop from Stitch in to Angelique quite commonly.
It works.

Anyway one of my big issues with Angelique is that I really need to do something about the OS drive.
So I’m thinking I’m going to pick up a 128+gig SSD, because quite simply it’s amazingly fast with load times.

Then I think to myself, hey wait, I can pick up Win8pro for $39.99~, would it be worth upgrading from Win7 Ultimate at the time I shift to the new drive?

It’s a legit license. In fact 7 is the first windows OS that I personally have owned a license for since 95a.
I own two legit licenses for that matter. I considered it worth the money.

So it comes to the fact that I need to consider if it’s worth shifting my productivity machine over to win8pro or not.
I intend to have Angelique displaying movies and such in the lounge-room, and have no idea of the media capabilities of win8.
I’m only considering it as it’s dirt cheap.

Any thoughts on this scenario?
Comment away if you do.

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