Archive | 2015-03-24

Time is running out, but there’s still time for you!

So this weekend coming up, the 28th and 29th of March, is an ultra-special Respawn LANtheon event.

It’s half the usual size, but it’s even more exclusive than usual, currently sitting at 198 players of 212.

There are some new competitions not held previously, such as the awesome game Smite running in a 3v3 format (hopefully using Joust mode.)
Smite is a MOBA, the same type of game as DOTA, LOL and HON, but one with a difference, it’s a 3rd person over the shoulder realtime WASD control with mouselook.
It contains multiple pantheons of gods, from Greek, to Roman, to Aztec, to Chinese, to Indian and many more in a team vs team format.
Personally I prefer the hunter type and suck at melee (my favourite uses bees as a weapon of choice.)
There’s also Next Car Game: Wreckfest for those people who feel like racing and smashing up cars.
We’re talking crazy levels of car deformation type damage and physics, enough to satisfy even the safest of drivers base urges.

There’s also possibly Evolve, the 4 hunter vs 1 monster game from the creators of Left 4 Dead.

I’m fully expecting the Respawn LAN team to adapt to the new environment and challenges and bring us an amazing event.
We’re talking full gigabit network with serious planning for the lowest latency gaming possible on such a scale.

I’m going to be there, so should you.

Go to Respawn LAN and sign up while you still can.