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Two Thousand and Sixteen – The New Things

So we ticked over to a new year just over a week ago, from 2015 to 2016, many people will have no doubt mad new years resolutions they’ve already broken.

Not me though, I made no resolutions, I made generalised plans.

First off, as many a gamer, my sleeping patterns suck, getting up after 4pm and going to bed at maybe 7 or 8 am is not conducive to getting anything done involving other people within the time-zone.
However from new years day and onwards I’ve been waking up in the morning without effort, and heading to sleep around midnight.

I also refuse to fit the stereotype of an overweight foul-smelling gamer.
I’d had some serious weight gain to the point I significantly exceeded the mass of my father.
Late last year I managed to lose around 8 kilograms, and this year I plan to lose another 8.

My main gaming PC is due for some upgrades, first on the list is a new monitor, then after that probably a new GPU.

The main plan I have to implement is to build a fully functional micro-system for LANning and such, that I can fit in my backpack.
The timeframe is up until PAX Aus this year.
While I could probably save up and get a laptop to accomplish the same goal, it won’t get me the same satisfaction or aesthetic outcome.
And well this way I  can purchase and assemble over time.

And finally I plan to organise my bedroom and stuff in general.
I have way too much with no idea what exactly I have.

These aren’t hard-locked goals, they’re more vague intentions of things I want to do this year.

So far I’m doing well at it.