The world we want to live in.

So I guess there are three simple questions to ask a person in power to determine if they’re a good choice.

First off: What is Paradise?
This is really a personal thing for them, it could vary quite dramatically based on their belief system or how they were raised, or even where they were raised. The point is that they define it.

Second: Do you want to live in Paradise?
This is the present, not some future afterlife type scenario, but if it existed right now would you want to live in it?

Third: What are you willing or doing to make Paradise a reality?
It can be something as simple as planting some trees (such as twenty million that TeamTrees is working on right now, a lot of youtube channels have jumped on board) or something more complicated like developing drought resistant crops.

It’s pretty clear that groups like the current Australian government (in 2019 for future readers) doesn’t care about making Australia a better place, just the lives of the few. It doesn’t matter to them what happens in the future, because they won’t have to try and live through it.

Like who wouldn’t want clean drinking water, food, and air, today?
Declaring that you don’t care if others have access to those things once you have them shows the kind of person you are.

So in the end, if you want to make the world a slightly better place for tomorrow, you can do something as simple as donate to #teamtrees where every dollar (assuming USD) donated leads to another tree being planted, with the goal being 20 million by the start of next year.
Thanks to the internet, that’s over twelve million of the target planted (well I don’t actually know how quickly they get planted after the money is donated) with just under two months remaining so far.
Forget Awareness, plant a tree today!

Take care of yourselves, nobody else will.

So I never really took where I lived in to account for my exercise requirements, and it seems that’s been one of the missing elements in keeping this gamer body healthy.

After a hard day of gaming, like raiding and stuff, naturally you end up feeling exhausted, and so the inclination is to take the easy way out, order takeaway, or drive off somewhere to find something.
What I’m saying is that after sitting on my arse all day playing games, that I’ve then sat on my arse to go and get food, after which I’d return to sitting on my arse playing more games.
It’s just way too easy to do it.

I of course now realise that is exactly my problem.
A car makes it far too convenient to avoid a simple walk down the shops.
That walk of course can make a huge difference for me staying healthy.

Back when I was a kid, a teenager and all that, I lived in a country town, I personally didn’t have a car, so if I wanted to go somewhere by myself I had to either walk or ride my bike.
The shops were around a kilometer away, and yet I thought nothing about the distance.
I also walked the dogs.

When I first moved to the city, I still walked to the shops, driving was a rarity.
If I wanted food, I’d walk to get it, it made perfect sense.

After that things went downhill, and I started driving everywhere to get food.
I didn’t go for walks, didn’t really ride a bike, it was just easier to drive.
I got used to doing it.

I’m guessing that the increased driving for close things coincided with my weight gain.

So given that I dislike being an overweight male gamer (not judging others, I just personally am not enjoying it), and that this year I’ve chosen to get back in to shape gradually, I’m going to begin walking to the shops again.
I did it tonight, it was easy, it felt good.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, a simple walk to the shops regularly is beneficial in the long-term, don’t force yourself, don’t let yourself get to the point that you feel unhappy in your skin.
I waited far too long before doing something about it, but I’m not letting that stop me.

Besides, spending an hour away from the computer or console a day shouldn’t kill you.

So long and thanks for all the fangs – The end of a chronicle in my life.

So, way back in 2003, my life took an interesting path after a random encounter at a pizza shop.

I overheard some people chatting about a rather unusual subject, vampires, specifically a game called Vampire: The Masquerade.
This piqued my curiosity, as up until then my only exposure to it being VtM Redemption on PC.
After a comment on the unusual subject matter, they invited me to join them to chat.
I ended up going to my first ever role-playing game that very weekend.

I tried a few game sessions, and then I joined a LARP organisation then called The Camarilla (White Wolf Fan-Club of Australia).
Back then I had a lot of fun with them for the most part, it was a strange and new world for me.

The club was the reason I took my first voyage towards inner Melbourne by myself (to visit a neighbouring game, since back then we actually had two here running  together,) it was also the reason for my first interstate trip for a big event up in Canberra.
However it was around then I should have realised that maybe the club wasn’t the supportive element it appeared to be.

While I was up there at this particular big event, due to all the stress, the unknown, the unfamiliar, with no way to recover, I had a rather significant depressive episode.
What made it worse was the fact that I actually got reprimanded for my distressing behaviour..
I should have known then what I know now, that it was not the right place for me.

Over the next few years we shifted over to a new game system, then referred to as the New World of Darkness, I made many friends, but the good couldn’t last.
A lack of developed social skills, misunderstandings, and so on, ended up with me being suspended from the club for 6 months.
Straight away my social-life was ripped away from me, my apparent friends didn’t want to have anything to do with me, it was an agonising time and I was resentful for it.

When I returned, things were different, people were different, I was different.
Some time later things started splintering, and the majority of the core local club members decided to go off and form their own new organisation, where they didn’t have to bother with interstaters.

After that, the local Beyond the Sunset domain was never really the same, members left, and I was left behind.
I pretty much lost touch with the rest of the people who pulled me in to the World of Darkness, they left, they didn’t want to maintain connections.
Eventually I unfriended them on Facebook, there was nothing left there for me.

I tried to keep things going here in Melbourne for BtS, but the people who remained up and left.
The club domain closed and I continued with a troupe game using the newest rules and doing what I thought people wanted.
I kept that up for over a year, yet numbers dropped to the point it wasn’t worth continuing.

Most recently there was an attempt to get things running again, via use of an independent domain of the club, with the power of the internet to run games, and the potential for running connected local live sessions.
However the direction it ended up taking proved to not be beneficial for my headspace.
What was once intended to give people without a domain a chance to play ended up as something allowing people from all the domains to play, completely drowning out those like myself.
So I started pulling back.

The online communication medium chosen was constantly flooded by conversation between really enthusiastic people, I was drowning in it.
There was nothing really holding me with the first online game that was chosen to run (voted for by people not of the domain) with no buy-in, no connections despite having a chronicle length character from the past few years. So I left the server, nobody seems to have noticed.

I left the Facebook group, because it was no longer a place just for domain members, but for everyone, and I had no friends there, so I left it, nobody seems to have noticed.

I even wanted to try and get something running locally, but no real traction, and I could see that I’d have to fight the club to get what I envisioned.

And so, with this, after thirteen years, with very little to show for it, with people not even acknowledging what I’ve attempted to do with no training or support, with people not even giving a damn that I’m no longer there – I leave the club that could have been so much more, but ultimately ended up a disappointing failure in my times of need.

I’m walking away from Beyond The Sunset, the club formerly known as The Camarilla (White-Wolf Fan Club of Australia) back when I first joined over a decade ago.
This is my way of burning that final bridge and saying farewell.

I do hope that with those few true friends I’ve made over the years, who’ve stuck with me, who still talk to me, that we can stay in touch and have good times.
It just won’t be in a club that no longer resembles what I first joined.

For the last time,

Two Thousand and Sixteen – The New Things

So we ticked over to a new year just over a week ago, from 2015 to 2016, many people will have no doubt mad new years resolutions they’ve already broken.

Not me though, I made no resolutions, I made generalised plans.

First off, as many a gamer, my sleeping patterns suck, getting up after 4pm and going to bed at maybe 7 or 8 am is not conducive to getting anything done involving other people within the time-zone.
However from new years day and onwards I’ve been waking up in the morning without effort, and heading to sleep around midnight.

I also refuse to fit the stereotype of an overweight foul-smelling gamer.
I’d had some serious weight gain to the point I significantly exceeded the mass of my father.
Late last year I managed to lose around 8 kilograms, and this year I plan to lose another 8.

My main gaming PC is due for some upgrades, first on the list is a new monitor, then after that probably a new GPU.

The main plan I have to implement is to build a fully functional micro-system for LANning and such, that I can fit in my backpack.
The timeframe is up until PAX Aus this year.
While I could probably save up and get a laptop to accomplish the same goal, it won’t get me the same satisfaction or aesthetic outcome.
And well this way I  can purchase and assemble over time.

And finally I plan to organise my bedroom and stuff in general.
I have way too much with no idea what exactly I have.

These aren’t hard-locked goals, they’re more vague intentions of things I want to do this year.

So far I’m doing well at it.


This site hasn’t been hacked, I just decided to do something different.

Some of you, those few who might happen to stumble on to my blog might have noticed something, it’s not dark and gloomy, the name’s changed and everything.

Now normally in such situations it’s due to someone hacking and then messing with the owner – this is not such a case.

This all came about as my favourite uncle wanted to try and manipulate the targeted facebook advertising based on the content of his posts.

He decided to try and get advertising about fairy-floss (known to strange people as cotton candy) and or aardvarks.

I of course decided to follow on by inserting #FairyFlossAndAardvarks in to random posts.

Then after some random musing and a dare I’ve adjusted the cosmetic aspects of this blog to suit.
No I am not a fan of pink, I consider it an abomination of sorts and I will never wear it, but somehow I thought blue might clash with an aardvark so I had to use a pink theme.

Now in order for me to cater to those keen to know things about aardvarks, I present to you the page containing the image of the aardvark I chose to purloin for the banner – 13 Amazing Anomalies about the Aardvark.
I figure since I snagged their image after a quick google search for aardvarks, the least I can do is send potential traffic their way.
That and I’m starting to find aardvarks to be a little cute.

Now I may end up changing my mind and thus the theme of my entire blog to something else at some point, but knowing me it’ll be stuck with this one for quite awhile.

Also for the record, last Respawn LAN had delicious pink fairy floss, courtesy of the talented Vot. It was tasty.

Since it is nigh on 5am, I shall now head off to bed, I hope I shall not be dreaming of aardvarks, even if there are a heap of videos of them on youtube.

#FairyflossAndAardvarks – The internet, it’s filled with stuff and things.

This isn’t a post about cats, it’s not even a post about porn, it’s a post about stuff and things.

This is of course my obligatory post about issues of late by someone who is most certainly not a journalist, I’m not a critic of any fame, and whilst I may get slow and steady traffic I’m not what you would consider a known blogger. Hell I don’t even have a regular schedule of when I post.

And yet, constantly my social feeds are filled with various causes of all sorts, most recently I’ve been bombarded by #gamergate.

As usual you have two factions slinging crap at each other, and as usual both sides at their core are ultimately corrupt and based around self-interest.

The thing that pisses me off are those so called victims, who manufacture incidents, and then they go and profit off it.
So what if there are real threats, why do they need to be advertised and milked for hits?
Report them to the appropriate authorities and go back to your work.

If all your work is associated with bomb/death threats, real or fabricated, then that’s all it ever is, you’re only going to be known as a victim.
At that point nobody is going to pay any attention to if you’ve actually got good points or not, they’re just going to focus on all these negative aspects things you’ve milked for youtube hits.

Seriously what would you prefer “person puts together an expose on the flaws of an industry and how to fix them” or “professional victim has to once again not do something, read their stuff”?

If your work can’t stand on its merits alone, then it’s not good enough. So don’t complain when people call you on it.

Now I await the inevitable attacks by the white-knights of the professional victims.
After all I am apparently everything that’s wrong with the industry and the world through no fault of my own.

Don’t worry though, I’m not going to use any death-threats (real or not) to make money, I’m not going to be a hypocrite.