Garlic Bread LAN v17 – Return of the Domino

So it’s another one of those times of year again (well it happens like 4 times a year) where LANslide open up registrations for yet another jam-packed and bound to be amazeballs event.

First, let’s get the important business out of the way, I want you to go here.
This of course lets you register and get in early.

Now that you’ve all gone and registered for the event (if you haven’t, then why not? you should totally register) you should now be poised to have a great time.

The crazy people who organise and run these events keep coming up with new, and old, ways to get people engaged and interacting.
I mean last time we had ghetto pass the parcel. There was also pass the GPU box, but all those boxes contained was disappointment.

We’ve had Gangbeasts tournaments, which is serious business.
I mean come on, do you risk coming near me? I will kill us all, as many of us as possible while falling to my death, taking you with me.
Then contrasting with that, Street Fighter V.

Doughnuts on strings? many have attempted to eat them.

Watermelon consumption? It happened, it was messy, we all had a great time.

Seriously though, if you’re available, you should come and join us.
There may even be garlic bread.


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