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Take care of yourselves, nobody else will.

So I never really took where I lived in to account for my exercise requirements, and it seems that’s been one of the missing elements in keeping this gamer body healthy.

After a hard day of gaming, like raiding and stuff, naturally you end up feeling exhausted, and so the inclination is to take the easy way out, order takeaway, or drive off somewhere to find something.
What I’m saying is that after sitting on my arse all day playing games, that I’ve then sat on my arse to go and get food, after which I’d return to sitting on my arse playing more games.
It’s just way too easy to do it.

I of course now realise that is exactly my problem.
A car makes it far too convenient to avoid a simple walk down the shops.
That walk of course can make a huge difference for me staying healthy.

Back when I was a kid, a teenager and all that, I lived in a country town, I personally didn’t have a car, so if I wanted to go somewhere by myself I had to either walk or ride my bike.
The shops were around a kilometer away, and yet I thought nothing about the distance.
I also walked the dogs.

When I first moved to the city, I still walked to the shops, driving was a rarity.
If I wanted food, I’d walk to get it, it made perfect sense.

After that things went downhill, and I started driving everywhere to get food.
I didn’t go for walks, didn’t really ride a bike, it was just easier to drive.
I got used to doing it.

I’m guessing that the increased driving for close things coincided with my weight gain.

So given that I dislike being an overweight male gamer (not judging others, I just personally am not enjoying it), and that this year I’ve chosen to get back in to shape gradually, I’m going to begin walking to the shops again.
I did it tonight, it was easy, it felt good.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, a simple walk to the shops regularly is beneficial in the long-term, don’t force yourself, don’t let yourself get to the point that you feel unhappy in your skin.
I waited far too long before doing something about it, but I’m not letting that stop me.

Besides, spending an hour away from the computer or console a day shouldn’t kill you.