Slaughter in the Emperor’s name.

So last month I joined in a local game of Deathwatch.
I was curious since I like the 40k setting and had enjoyed Dark Heresy previously.

So I created a Flesh Tearer Assault Marine who was located during a kill mission.
Discovered quickly we were fighting something akin to the Borg.

Anyway after a successful first mission I chose to maximise attacks.
This of course meant that when selection for squad leader was chosen based on combat capability, that I got it.

First mission in command we ended up slaughtering countless women children with grenades, bolters and of course my brand spanking new eviscerator.

My squad is now a little more insane and corrupt.
The future is bright for the servants of the corpse god.

The Restore the Lost and the Damned to 40k petition!

Ok, basic situation.
A few years back, there was a little campaign called Eye of Terror. Games Workshop released rules that enabled people to field a Lost and the Damned force, the true aspect of the Chaos forces.
We all rejoiced for it was made of gold and win.

That time is at an end.

Basically due to such things as the new 40k Chaos(Renegade) Space Marines they’ve decided to declare the Lost and the Damned list as no longer valid.

Thus to show your support for the forces of Chaos, please sign the petition located here.

Let the corporate suits know how your wallet feels before we all bow down and worship Forgeworld.

That is all.