Teamwork – In Space Things Will Explode.

So tonight a group of friends got together for a project called Horrible Stream to play a game called Artemis.

This is a star-ship bridge simulator game, we had 10+ people in one room attempting to work together.

Originally we considered running two ships, but the problem was both competing crews were in the same room, so we abandoned that idea.

Under the command of Captain Wolfmother, the S.S. Sandox (LoveULongTime, ‘sWarhead, ‘sThing, ‘sShongalong etc,) attempted to plumb the depths of space and generally not explode.
We did have a successful mission, we also had a failed mission where Weapons told me the Helm to fly in to one of our own mines.

Things changed up a lot, I stuck with Helm the entire time, and we had some incidents with Comms Officer Wolfmother (after things changed) effectively declaring war, and Weapons launching a trio of nuclear warheads at a cluster of 7 newly aggravated warships.

Artemis, gonna be good in future as everyone enjoyed themselves.

Another Year, Another Time.

So it occurs to me I should start posting stuff here more often.
I’ve been slack about using this for anything.

So it’s been a week since my birthday and what have I got to show for it? A rather bitching battlemaster sniper rifle.

I’ve been working up to full columi level equipment on my agent for a few weeks now and today when I checked I noticed that it’s not all better than equivalent PvE gear.

In fact when it comes to rifles the battlemaster is superior in all but 2 stats.
Those stats are only a minor improvement so not sure why I’d bother with it.

At least my new guild appreciate my sniping to the point they invite me specifically for things.

I have been infected.

So anyone paying attention would have noticed I haven’t posted anything in quite awhile.

This is simply as I’ve been playing games such as Deus Ex Human Revolution and Skyrim.
More recently it’s been The Old Republic.

I have been playing quite a lot of TOR over the past month and a half and don’t think I’ll be stopping any time soon.

For anyone interested I play on the Vrook Lamar RP server on the Imperial side in a guild called Ghost Division.
If you like heavy roleplay with a great group of people do a Google search for us.

Anyway my train journey is about to end.
Until later.

Dungeons and Dragons, an adventure.

So anyway, growing up I was never really got in to D&D, but this year seems to have changed all that.

First I got involved in a 3.5 edition game  of Planescape using the various different f20 games. Been fun using stuff from Monte Cook’s World of Darkness.

And now I’m playing in a 3.5 forgotten realms expedition to ravenloft campaign.

And of course for the past weeks I’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons Online.
Free to play more or less.
Though been spending a bit of real world money on it.

I’be come a long way from the CRPGs of old like Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale.
But I’m enjoying it.

And tonight i play Call of Cthulhu with some friends.