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It is time to for Duck season, and the Melbourne internet is invited!

So I’m totally incredibly slack about posting, as people will know.
I really should have posted about this earlier, because for some strange reason it seems people have duck blindness, and this simply will not do.

This coming weekend (the 26th through to 27th of September) there’s a very special event hosted by Respawn LAN, the 34th of the main weekends, DUCK SEASON!

I think I shall need to repeat that again so people get what it is.


Now for people who don’t know what Respawn LAN is, picture a large university hall, filled with rows of long tables (I guestimate three metres), on which each contains two computers+monitors, both of which are plugged in to a fast network switch (a box thing that lots of cables plug in to with lots of blinking lights).
Multiply that by hundreds of tables with attending people and you start to get an idea.

Night Time LANtheon

Take that, give it some sort of an event theme, fill it with lots of awesome people, get them to play games and have a great time.

The theme this event is Ducks, with duck prizes, duck competitions, duck hunting, possibly duck costumes, and Zardoz squeeing out over his favourite animal (he really loves ducks).

I shall be there. I might even have some fairyfloss on account of I can’t get any aardvarks, though I may have time to make something to stick to my monitor (no promises or anything.)

Anyway, last but not least, the link for the event which you should go and sign up to, if you have some kind of a PC (be it windows, mac, or linux), feel like traveling to the northern suburbs, have nothing else to do, like ducks, and want to have fun.

Don’t let your dreams be dreams.
Click this link!

Quack quack!

Respawn: 9 – Grandfinal Shenanigans.

Well that time is upon us once again.

Respawn, the premium gaming scene of Melbourne is having another event in a few weeks time.

I decided to quote it below just for those of you not willing to go to their main site at http://www.respawn.com.au/ where you will go eventually, because I know you will.

Respawn LAN v9
September 27-28th
The Union Hall, La Trobe University Bundoora

With more win and gold than the Chinese Olympic team comes the next installment of Melbourne’s most popular LAN gaming event, Respawn. We’re back for the Grand Final weekend to bring you a 350 player exclusive event.

Competitions will include:
* Warcraft III 1v1
* Warcraft III DOTA
* QuakeWorld Deathmatch (DM6)
* Flatout 2
* Worms World Party
* CS Source 5v5
* CS Source GunGame

And other servers will include Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Quake 3 arena and more! Since we’re running on the Grand Final weekend, we’ll aim to have the game on the projector for those who love their aussie rules.

Registrations are alrady open right here, clicky clicky. We look forward to seeing you there!

So come to Respawn, I’ll be there, so should you.