Fucked Up Monkey Meat wants you!

You may be asking yourself what exactly is Fucked Up Monkey Meat, and you’d be right to do so.

What FUMM is, is an elite group of gamers who just like ridiculing the serious nature of clans and guilds.

We play Naval Combat and we pwn at it.

Some more member would be handy so as to pwn more.

You’ll also need to sign up to xfire to make good use of this, but it’s worth it.

So go to FUMM and sign up or something.

We also have need for a picture of some FUMM as a logo, if you could help us out that’d be just swell.

Oh and come to Respawn v7 next month for some Naval Combat shenanigans!

[edit] Also Dongs! [/edit]

[response] Zardoz> dongs?! !HWHEREH!?!?!?! OH SHIT NO [/response] FTW!

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