Review: Mother of all energy drinks.

Well this is a small first time review of something because it was there, I was there and well it was cheap.
What I’m talking about is Coca Cola’s second attempt at the energy drink market, AKA Mother version 2.0

Now as I’m a gamer, naturally the assumption is that I consume energy drinks, and in this case that’d be right, I do, fairly constantly with the occasional day where I don’t drink them.
They are my lifeblood, or something to that matter.

Not only do I drink them, but I go out of my way when I see a new one to try it to see if anything can top my choices of V or Red Eye, and naturally they usually disappoint.

So tonight I went to the supermarket with the intention to buy some supplies and possibly my second bottle of V (I forgot the first one that I purchased at the fish and chip shop.)

What should I see before my eyes, but a big black can called Mother.

Now the majority of people who’ve tried the initial version in the white can will attest it’s absolutely foul, a failed experiment by Coca Cola, though I’ve heard if you think of apples while drinking it that it makes sense.

So what do we have but a big black can claiming it’s “completely reformulated” and it “tastes nothing like the old one!”

Version 2

Mother: Version 2

Just some pictures I took when I got home of this 500ml of “potent energy”

It also basically sounds like if you drink anything else, you’re a girlyman and a pussy.

Anyway, now on to what people have been waiting for, what it tastes like.
At this point I haven’t even opened it, so here I go.

Can opened like any other, no extreme smells or explosions.

Getting closer it seems to smell like a generic guarana drink, which makes sense as it contains guarana extract.

And now to lift this huge black thing up to my lips in a non homo-erotic way and taste it.

Hmm, well it doesn’t seem offensive to the mouth on first taste, is similar to pretty much every generic energy drink.

Bubbles hit the front of my tongue so I’m tasting with the back, and well it seems ok.

It’s nothing special, but it’s nothing horrible either.

Looking at it I’ve a feeling it could work quite nicely for jager bombs as it’s 500ml, generic, bubbly, sweet, all those things.

It looks like Coca Cola might have found something and implemented it right.

  • Calling people weak if they drink an alternative.
  • Xbox huge can of 500ml, not much shorter than a V bottle, but much larger than the 440ml cans that other companies are using.
  • Tastes nothing like the old one much as their claim.
  • Tastes nothing like Black V, AKA coffee flavoured V.
  • Similar pricing to a bottle of V
  • Nothing like the old drink.

So there you go, cheap, generic tasting energy drink in a huge can.

So if you’re a size-queen and want a lot of the stuff, go for it.

Now to see if I can get it in a four pack or something, could just come in handy at a LAN.

So have no fear, drink it, mix it with alcoholic drinks, go crazy with it, it’s good shit.

Now to finish the can, if any negative impacts happen due to it, I’ll be sure to post them.
This might take awhile.

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