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The peril that is Facebook.

Ok, now, some of you will be aware by now of what Facebook is, and for that I only raise my eyebrow at you.

For those of you who are as yet unaware, Facebook is yet another social networking site, designed to let people who know people congregate on the internet and exchange interests, photos, and other crap.
It also has this wonderful capability called applications.

Now, what Applications are, are ways to completely waste your time doing utterly pointless things, with the capacity to spread themselves in the manner of a virus.
For most of them they actually require you to spam people in your “friends” (I use the term lightly, as it’s usually a whole heap of people you’re loosely connected to and probably don’t even know, but somehow they think they’re your friend) in order to progress.

The problem with these types of “games” is that people end up having tremendous amounts of spam, so much that facebook actually capped invites and added the capability to completely ignore invitations from apps.
This is good, as I hate having to click ignore for things.

Anyway, this leads me in to this. I’m currently spending a lot of my time playing a few “games” at this moment.

First are the twin games Blood Lust, and Elven Blood, which are essentially the same game, except one’s a post-apocalyptic vampire setting, and the other one has unicorns and elves and shit.

The other game is Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition: Tiny Adventures.
This “game” is officially supported by Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast, and has proven so popular they had to get better hosting to deal with the network traffic.
Basically choose your class, which gives you a set statline and restricts what gear you can equip.
You then get to buy and sell equipment, which alters your statline, which often doesn’t matter as only stat-mods are used to determine how well you go.
Then you get to go questing on some pre-scripted scenarios, earn gold, loot and experience with the goal of getting to level 11 and retiring your character.
This game keeps breaking and is slightly unbalanced.
It’s also fun.

But yes, facebook, less complicated than World of Warcraft, costs less money, and is more time consuming.
It also contains all sorts of weirdos, like me.

If you like wasting time on pointless webgames, go there.

Just don’t add me.

Also, Penis!

Haven’t posted in some time.

Had skin ripped to shred by a girl named Chocolate, had the flu thanks to her as well.

Anyway go here as I’ve been told not to link this blog as someone will get in trouble for it.
It’s posted anyway.

Oh and I have a party here with a bunch of lanners.

Loud lanners are loud.

Enough said.

DV8, go there because I am. Also Embers of Sanity!

Well originally I wasn’t going to be going to DV8 on this saturday the 9th of August due to a LAN event, however I’d totally forgotten I said I was going to be at a mate’s 21st on that same night.

Now I was meant to go to another mate’s birthday last sunday but totally forgot due to saturday night drinking.
So I figure I shouldn’t miss this one. It’ll look bad.

So yes, after birthday shindig we’re planning to move over to DV8.

Much alcohol will be consumed in huge amounts.

Also, my mate Spike, who DJs at DV8 (10 till 12 set this sat on floor 1) has a band, that band is playing on wednesday, you should all go and see them because he is metal and wants me to spam people with it.

Spike's band has a gig.

Spike's band has a gig.

Yes, that strangely hard to red text up the top of it says Embers of Sanity and I think I shall mock him about that… Spike you have been mocked.

The more people who turn up the better supposedly, they’re recording it or so I’ve been told.

So anyway, go to DV8 this saturday and every saturday as it is awesome, and come to the gig on wednesday as Spike is awesome.

Also, I am awesome.

That is all.