Cannibalism: It’s Finger Licking Good

Now, some perceptive individuals might have noticed I’ve been a bit silent lately.

I do this from this from time to time.

But this time, I have a good excuse, some of you may of heard of it.
It goes by the name of Fall Out 3.

Yes I have FO3, no I have not finished it, I’m taking my time, seeing the sights and blowing the fuck out of supermutants.

Oh and eating people.

That’s right, eating people.

You see, in the game, when you gain levels, you get to select perks.
These grant you some small bonus or ability, and in this particular case it’s that you can gain health back by eating human bodies.

Think of it like recycling. I can’t exactly go leaving all those bodies lying around after I’ve looted them can I?
Of course not, that would be irresponsible.

I get to use every bit of my enemies, such as their armour to repair my armour, their weapons to repair my weapons, their ammo to replace the ammo I shot in to them, so it’s only natural to eat their body to repair my body.

This logic is flawless.

Ok, sure it doesn’t remove the body, but I can pretend it’s not there after I’ve eaten it, it is a roleplaying game after all.

Oh yeah and I can drink blood for health, but that’s nowhere near as cool as eating people.

Anyway it’s time for me to sleep after a hard night of chowing down on Talon Company mercs.
I post something else after I wake up about other stuff.
I just thought I’d tell you all how cool being a cannibal is.

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