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Horror Movies, my how they make me lol.

Well just this thursday past I ended up with the night spare, as what I was meant to do fell through.

So anyway, I was about to go and catch a train when I saw a poster for Dying Breed.
I recalled that I’d previously seen the trailer for it at Saw V, and that I was interested.
I noticed that it had opened that very day and thus decided to go and see it.

A friend of mine was on his way in to the city, so I called him and informed I’d be sticking around longer due to going to see a movie, and he asked if he could tag along. I could see no issues as I don’t mind company, so I said yes.

To put this in perspective, this is a guy who doesn’t watch horror movies, who’s also fairly young.
So for him to agree to see one, I thought it would be interesting enough.

Eventually he met me near the cinema, we arranged tickets and had a snack.

And in to the movie we went.

This is one that didn’t follow the usual moves, no high body count or some highly obvious monster or anything like that, just a few people out in the middle of nowhere.

But suffice to say it made my friend scream and jump in to an adrenaline surge.

But kudos to him for staying for the entire thing, though at one point he came close to bolting and was a quivering heap for the rest of it.

It puts it in perspective that even though I watch such things to lol and for amusement, there are some people out there who turn in to puddles of jelly, like my friend.

Now I just need to show him some other fun movies, like Mirrors and so on, and see if he can grow a spine 😀

Embers of Sanity, this weekend at DV8 Nightclub.

Well it sometimes helps to know people, as sometimes they give you a heads up about something.

In this particular case it’s my good friend Spike Therion of Embers of Sanity.

Now I’ve been a bit slack, but a few days ago he transferred a copy of the flyer for the band’s latest gig to me over MSN, and as the premium blog posting about their exploits it’s my duty to post it for you all to see.

Embers of Sanity - 8th of November at DV8 Nightclub.

Embers of Sanity - 8th of November at DV8 Nightclub.

Now in case it’s not clear from the text on it, that’s DV8 Nightclub at 12 McKillop street, which runs between Bourke and Little Collins streets and is situated between Elizabeth and Queen.

Now if you have any issues getting there, here is what you do:

  1. Go to the intersection of Bourke street and Elizabeth street. This is easily identified as it is located at the end of Bourke Stree Mall (big area you can’t drive on).
  2. On one of the corners is a Commonwealth Bank (it’s a T intersection, only so many corners), cross to it.
  3. Head up the hill till you reach McKillop Street, it will be on your left. If you are on the same side as the Macdonalds, then you have ignored step 2 and should become an hero.
  4. Turn left in to McKillop Street and walk down the resulting hill in front of you. If you end up at Elizabeth street again, you have once again failed.
  5. Walk down McKillop Street until you reach the sign indicating DV8 Nightclub, this should be rather obvious due to the large security men and large mass of smokers wearing black.
  6. If you did not bring any photo ID proving that you are aged 18 and over, turn back at this point, otherwise negotiate your way past the bouncers and proceed past the line of smokers until you reach a set of steps which will be on your right.
  7. Climb the steps and enter the foyer, in front of you will be located a cash register with a nice lady behind it who will quite happily take your $12 entry fee (if you forgot to bring money, you will have to turn back at this point) and to your left will be a staircase.
  8. Pay the nice lady with legal tender, she will then stamp your wrist if you succeeded at this step.
  9. Walk up the stair case and find some music you like, eventually all the way up the top on floor 3 will be Embers of Sanity.
  10. Try not to die.
  11. ?????????????????
  12. Profit.

Now, these instructions should be fairly clear, if you have any issues with them leave a comment and I will make sure to explain to you where you failed to understand them. But they are quite clear.

Now, if you should happen across a strange guy in his twenties wearing black with long blond hair, and no eyebrows, buy him a Smirnoff Double Black, as that’s me and I helped you to the den of loud noises, alternative girls and decent drinks and you should reward me with alcohol.

At the very least you should say hello.

I might be wearing some red glasses or have fangs, and I have a penchant for wearing either my Static-X/Ill Nino or Soul Fly t-shirts.

Hopefully I’ll see some of you strangers there if you didn’t somehow get lost along the way.
You could always click this link.

Don’t say I’m not nice to you, I am, and I made it so easy for you to get there it’s not funny.