I’ve been a bit busy, surprisingly, I found ways to waste my time, a lot of my time.

So I’ve been rather slack in posting anything the past months, I guess I got a bit pre-occupied with things and distracted, but I’m back, especially since I just renewed my domain for another year.

So what’s been happening that I can talk about.

Well lately I’ve been playing Star-Trek: Online, I have a lifetime subscription, and well you should be able to find me in-game under the name @AmKhaibitu.
All going well STO will be successful, as it’s the 2nd gamble I’ve taken of the sort, and hopefully the connection of the ill-fated Bill Roper will not kill it as fast as with Hellgate: London.

My Steam game list has reached rather impressive levels, something like 330gig in space, outdoing all my friends and establishing my e-peen as huge.

I recently bought and played Aliens Vs Predator, the new one, not the old ones. Playing as a Xenomorph is awesome fun, predators are as well, but not quite as awesome.
The Harvest command is great.
To be honest I don’t know what the Australian Classification Board was so worked up about, it’s actually rather tame, and nowhere near as excessive as I was lead to believe.
I mean come on, it must be a bug because when I decapitate people as the predator I’d be expecting a shower of blood, yet somehow the head/skull manages to detach, with a complete spine sticking out at a 90 degrees. A bit ludicrous at times.

But basically I have way too many games to play, it’s nuts. And I blame the sales for it.

Next month I’m going off to the Emilie Autumn gig here in Melbourne, ticket is ordered and everything, it’ll go well with my t-shirt, book and tote bag that I received last month finally. Here’s hoping there’s some new material.

I’m also currently listening to the new Dark Tranquillity album, which has an awesome sound, well worth a purchase, and if I can find a limited edition or similar, it will be mine.
Just wish I could crank the volume, but it’s almost 2:30am, so I might be nice to my neighbours.

Anyway, I’ll post some more reviews and rants later, I feel it’s time to slaughter something.

Keep on keeping on.

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