It doesn’t matter how much money you spend, eventually something simple will break.

So I like music.

I like music with depth and tonal separation.

I like music to be clear, to be defined, to be something I can listen to at low levels and still get the subtle nuances that it conveys.

I also like to listen to music whenever I’m not home, like on public transport.

This of course means I need a dedicated set of headphones for this exact purpose.

So last year I decided to shell out for a set of Kicker HP541 DJ-style Foldable Headphones.

I liked the feel of them, the sound quality, the fact that they had a detachable cable.

Up until this year they’ve served me pretty faithfully.

However there’s one flaw to the design which caught me off-guard, the internal wiring.

Let’s just say I now have the fun task of replacing the internal wiring, and then soldering it.
The first part will be easy, it’s the second that will prove my downfall since I haven’t soldered anything in ten years.

The lesson to me is to check the easily accessible solder points for breaks before I start disassembling the entire thing.

Now to decide if I should use the parts to install the drivers in to something else, like say my Cyberman voice changer helmet.
I always planned to redo it’s wiring to install speakers for a chest plate to amplify the pissy little voice modulator.


New years, new friends, new place, new everything.

So I’m sitting here at a party thrown by some good friends and thought I might muse over the last year.

Some long awaited games came out and I bought many of them.

I bought a new PC from pccasegear.

Soundwave where I got to see half the bands I wanted because I got fried in the sun.

Spent a lot of time with my new first legion guildies who followed me over to guild wars 2.
Crash, Palamax, Nhorn, Warjay, Blazorax, Tara and many more that slip my mind, you’re all awesome people.

I met the most awesome person ever, Nikki I shall miss you.

And I will not get a haircut.

I shall post more later after some drinking.

Some old some new.

So sitting here in DV8 with my friend Kombatbunni after having a few drinks.

While there are familiar faces there are many I do not.
DJ Steve is of course playing tracks I enjoy.

I highly recommend it for people with spare time to waste on a Saturday.

That’s DV8 nightclub on McKillop street in Melbourne Australia from 10pm till 5am on saturdays.
New metal, alt rock, punk and so on.

I am not being payed for this post.

It’s not friday honest.

Curses at Rebecca Black for telling us it’s Friday when it’s obviously now sunday.

I have enough trouble keeping track of the day as it is without some underage skank telling me lies. I am a gamer after all.

Fortunately I am at a metal club and thus am not being told it’s Friday.

Also by virtue of having a car I don’t have to decide what seat I’m in. Front FTW.

I’ve been a bit busy, surprisingly, I found ways to waste my time, a lot of my time.

So I’ve been rather slack in posting anything the past months, I guess I got a bit pre-occupied with things and distracted, but I’m back, especially since I just renewed my domain for another year.

So what’s been happening that I can talk about.

Well lately I’ve been playing Star-Trek: Online, I have a lifetime subscription, and well you should be able to find me in-game under the name @AmKhaibitu.
All going well STO will be successful, as it’s the 2nd gamble I’ve taken of the sort, and hopefully the connection of the ill-fated Bill Roper will not kill it as fast as with Hellgate: London.

My Steam game list has reached rather impressive levels, something like 330gig in space, outdoing all my friends and establishing my e-peen as huge.

I recently bought and played Aliens Vs Predator, the new one, not the old ones. Playing as a Xenomorph is awesome fun, predators are as well, but not quite as awesome.
The Harvest command is great.
To be honest I don’t know what the Australian Classification Board was so worked up about, it’s actually rather tame, and nowhere near as excessive as I was lead to believe.
I mean come on, it must be a bug because when I decapitate people as the predator I’d be expecting a shower of blood, yet somehow the head/skull manages to detach, with a complete spine sticking out at a 90 degrees. A bit ludicrous at times.

But basically I have way too many games to play, it’s nuts. And I blame the sales for it.

Next month I’m going off to the Emilie Autumn gig here in Melbourne, ticket is ordered and everything, it’ll go well with my t-shirt, book and tote bag that I received last month finally. Here’s hoping there’s some new material.

I’m also currently listening to the new Dark Tranquillity album, which has an awesome sound, well worth a purchase, and if I can find a limited edition or similar, it will be mine.
Just wish I could crank the volume, but it’s almost 2:30am, so I might be nice to my neighbours.

Anyway, I’ll post some more reviews and rants later, I feel it’s time to slaughter something.

Keep on keeping on.

Embers of Sanity, this weekend at DV8 Nightclub.

Well it sometimes helps to know people, as sometimes they give you a heads up about something.

In this particular case it’s my good friend Spike Therion of Embers of Sanity.

Now I’ve been a bit slack, but a few days ago he transferred a copy of the flyer for the band’s latest gig to me over MSN, and as the premium blog posting about their exploits it’s my duty to post it for you all to see.

Embers of Sanity - 8th of November at DV8 Nightclub.

Embers of Sanity - 8th of November at DV8 Nightclub.

Now in case it’s not clear from the text on it, that’s DV8 Nightclub at 12 McKillop street, which runs between Bourke and Little Collins streets and is situated between Elizabeth and Queen.

Now if you have any issues getting there, here is what you do:

  1. Go to the intersection of Bourke street and Elizabeth street. This is easily identified as it is located at the end of Bourke Stree Mall (big area you can’t drive on).
  2. On one of the corners is a Commonwealth Bank (it’s a T intersection, only so many corners), cross to it.
  3. Head up the hill till you reach McKillop Street, it will be on your left. If you are on the same side as the Macdonalds, then you have ignored step 2 and should become an hero.
  4. Turn left in to McKillop Street and walk down the resulting hill in front of you. If you end up at Elizabeth street again, you have once again failed.
  5. Walk down McKillop Street until you reach the sign indicating DV8 Nightclub, this should be rather obvious due to the large security men and large mass of smokers wearing black.
  6. If you did not bring any photo ID proving that you are aged 18 and over, turn back at this point, otherwise negotiate your way past the bouncers and proceed past the line of smokers until you reach a set of steps which will be on your right.
  7. Climb the steps and enter the foyer, in front of you will be located a cash register with a nice lady behind it who will quite happily take your $12 entry fee (if you forgot to bring money, you will have to turn back at this point) and to your left will be a staircase.
  8. Pay the nice lady with legal tender, she will then stamp your wrist if you succeeded at this step.
  9. Walk up the stair case and find some music you like, eventually all the way up the top on floor 3 will be Embers of Sanity.
  10. Try not to die.
  11. ?????????????????
  12. Profit.

Now, these instructions should be fairly clear, if you have any issues with them leave a comment and I will make sure to explain to you where you failed to understand them. But they are quite clear.

Now, if you should happen across a strange guy in his twenties wearing black with long blond hair, and no eyebrows, buy him a Smirnoff Double Black, as that’s me and I helped you to the den of loud noises, alternative girls and decent drinks and you should reward me with alcohol.

At the very least you should say hello.

I might be wearing some red glasses or have fangs, and I have a penchant for wearing either my Static-X/Ill Nino or Soul Fly t-shirts.

Hopefully I’ll see some of you strangers there if you didn’t somehow get lost along the way.
You could always click this link.

Don’t say I’m not nice to you, I am, and I made it so easy for you to get there it’s not funny.


Also, Penis!

Haven’t posted in some time.

Had skin ripped to shred by a girl named Chocolate, had the flu thanks to her as well.

Anyway go here as I’ve been told not to link this blog as someone will get in trouble for it.
It’s posted anyway.

Oh and I have a party here with a bunch of lanners.

Loud lanners are loud.

Enough said.

DV8, go there because I am. Also Embers of Sanity!

Well originally I wasn’t going to be going to DV8 on this saturday the 9th of August due to a LAN event, however I’d totally forgotten I said I was going to be at a mate’s 21st on that same night.

Now I was meant to go to another mate’s birthday last sunday but totally forgot due to saturday night drinking.
So I figure I shouldn’t miss this one. It’ll look bad.

So yes, after birthday shindig we’re planning to move over to DV8.

Much alcohol will be consumed in huge amounts.

Also, my mate Spike, who DJs at DV8 (10 till 12 set this sat on floor 1) has a band, that band is playing on wednesday, you should all go and see them because he is metal and wants me to spam people with it.

Spike's band has a gig.

Spike's band has a gig.

Yes, that strangely hard to red text up the top of it says Embers of Sanity and I think I shall mock him about that… Spike you have been mocked.

The more people who turn up the better supposedly, they’re recording it or so I’ve been told.

So anyway, go to DV8 this saturday and every saturday as it is awesome, and come to the gig on wednesday as Spike is awesome.

Also, I am awesome.

That is all.