Modern methods of information manipulation still fail for my needs.

So I’m not a normal person.
I’m far from the lowest common denominator.
I’ve rated highly in standardised tests to measure intelligence.
I’m also hindered by those very same tests.

I’ve struggled throughout the years before I was identified as being on the autism spectrum.
I’m still struggling.

The issue I have is one of concept arrangement and mapping.

Most people are happy establishing things in a clear order from start to finish.
There are others who work better in as planar format utilising two axis’.

My problem is one of depth and freedom.
In at least an additional axis with which to work.
I also needed to be able to physically manipulate the conceptual elements and link them as I need.
The problem is that there is no environment or software that meets my requirements.

Anyone who’s watched the movies involving iron man has seen the system that Stark uses to interact with Jarvis for his designs in the dimensions with the freedom to manipulate individual elements of the holographic display.
This is along the lines of what I need.

However it’s still not quite right.

With the advent of the oculus rift I feel I’m one step closer to the environment organisation I envisage.
Real-time stereoscopic display with head tracking would give me the depth and ability to change perspective at will.

Combine that with something like the kinnect and you have body tracking.
Still not quite there.

I did encounter one device online that utilised lasers foot hand tracking and manipulation of a 3d environment, one step closer.

Next there’s tactile feedback.
Traditionally this has been accomplished by off-centre motors and equivalents, creating a vibration to inform you of contact.
The problem with this is one of scale, it’s useless for fine control response.
What is needed is something along the lines of a glove that squeezes the contact surfaces of the hand to apply pressure based on contact strength.

So combine these all together and you have the ability to perceive objects arrayed in a three dimensional space.
The ability to reposition yourself and your viewpoint relative to the objects.
The ability to interact with those objects, be it move them or otherwise.
And then finally a way to feel the interaction with those objects.

From there it’s simply a matter of being able to expand and contact objects to be able to interact with their constituent elements.
As well the ability to link objects to form more in depth concept structures.
Grab, drop, link, scale and so on all in a free form structure add needed.
Objects can be arrayed around the user easily enough in this state.

Some people might query why I don’t utilise a mind map.
The problem is that’s a planar structure.
This concept is something far greater.

The problem is that I have a fairly unusual way of organising things, there’s not likely to be a lot of demand for such a conceptual system.
Not to mention all the components are from different sources.
There is also no way that I could program it for the simple matter of not being able to arrange the code along the lines of my mental processes.

However at the least I’ve managed to put this down in text, hopefully in a way that will allow others to visualise the concept and understand it.
Forget words on a page, relationship objects are where we should be at.

If anyone does end up developing something along these lines I only ask to be involved so I don’t lose any more time than I need to, also a discount in the financial aspect would be appreciated.


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