It doesn’t matter how much money you spend, eventually something simple will break.

So I like music.

I like music with depth and tonal separation.

I like music to be clear, to be defined, to be something I can listen to at low levels and still get the subtle nuances that it conveys.

I also like to listen to music whenever I’m not home, like on public transport.

This of course means I need a dedicated set of headphones for this exact purpose.

So last year I decided to shell out for a set of Kicker HP541 DJ-style Foldable Headphones.

I liked the feel of them, the sound quality, the fact that they had a detachable cable.

Up until this year they’ve served me pretty faithfully.

However there’s one flaw to the design which caught me off-guard, the internal wiring.

Let’s just say I now have the fun task of replacing the internal wiring, and then soldering it.
The first part will be easy, it’s the second that will prove my downfall since I haven’t soldered anything in ten years.

The lesson to me is to check the easily accessible solder points for breaks before I start disassembling the entire thing.

Now to decide if I should use the parts to install the drivers in to something else, like say my Cyberman voice changer helmet.
I always planned to redo it’s wiring to install speakers for a chest plate to amplify the pissy little voice modulator.


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