The Nightmare, it begins anew.

So anyway, I collect and occasionally play Wyrd Games products like Malifaux and the like.
I’ve a range of stuff all the way from1st edition all the way through to the beta of 2nd edition wave 3.
I have three entirely different sculpts of Ramos and his Avatar, so you could say I’m a bit invested.

Anyway, Wyrd are a regular at Gencon over in the USA, a totally massive event.
Wyrd also have a tendency to release new stuff at Gencon.
Wyrd release Gencon exclusive items, referred to as Nightmare editions.
Wyrd also release special gencon exclusive bonus miniatures if you order $100+ worth of product, last year was the Steamborg Miss Step, this year is the female Teddy Miss Ery.

Now I know some of you might be annoyed that you can’t get to Gencon to pick up all the new gear, limited editions, the latest boxed sets and books and so on.
Don’t worry, Wyrd have got you covered.

For the duration of Gencon you can order all the things they’re selling at the event, you can get the exclusive and bonus kits, you can order the new books.
You just need to head over to their webstore and make an order.
That’s how simple it is.

I of course planned a different order to what I made. I intended to get the Nightmare Whiskey Golem, M2E book 2, and the first two books for Through The Breach. Instead I ordered the Golem, Hannah and The Kin.
The reason being the astronomical cost of international postage on the books.
So I’m holding off on those until I have a spare extra $70 on hand.
At least I get the Nightmare figure and Miss Ery.

So go order some stuff and hit me up for a game in Melbourne sometime on a Sunday afternoon at Good Games.

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