This site hasn’t been hacked, I just decided to do something different.

Some of you, those few who might happen to stumble on to my blog might have noticed something, it’s not dark and gloomy, the name’s changed and everything.

Now normally in such situations it’s due to someone hacking and then messing with the owner – this is not such a case.

This all came about as my favourite uncle wanted to try and manipulate the targeted facebook advertising based on the content of his posts.

He decided to try and get advertising about fairy-floss (known to strange people as cotton candy) and or aardvarks.

I of course decided to follow on by inserting #FairyFlossAndAardvarks in to random posts.

Then after some random musing and a dare I’ve adjusted the cosmetic aspects of this blog to suit.
No I am not a fan of pink, I consider it an abomination of sorts and I will never wear it, but somehow I thought blue might clash with an aardvark so I had to use a pink theme.

Now in order for me to cater to those keen to know things about aardvarks, I present to you the page containing the image of the aardvark I chose to purloin for the banner – 13 Amazing Anomalies about the Aardvark.
I figure since I snagged their image after a quick google search for aardvarks, the least I can do is send potential traffic their way.
That and I’m starting to find aardvarks to be a little cute.

Now I may end up changing my mind and thus the theme of my entire blog to something else at some point, but knowing me it’ll be stuck with this one for quite awhile.

Also for the record, last Respawn LAN had delicious pink fairy floss, courtesy of the talented Vot. It was tasty.

Since it is nigh on 5am, I shall now head off to bed, I hope I shall not be dreaming of aardvarks, even if there are a heap of videos of them on youtube.

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