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The biggest problem with CW’s Batwoman, is a lack of problems.

So you’d expect that a post-Batman Gotham would be a pretty awesome setting to stick a crime-fighting vigilante and have a measure of success.

Gotham, a city best described as as completely corrupt, crime from top to bottom, from street thugs all the way up to boardrooms and old-money.
A city that lead to the creation and rise of The Bat because the authorities couldn’t and wouldn’t do anything about the problems.

The Bat was a symbol of fear and terror to the bad people, the problem was that a costumed vigilante lead to the rise of costumed criminals.
Be it success or otherwise, the Bat, at some point three years prior to Batwoman, left Gotham.
This would leave some sort of a void, a void that would end up attracting criminals and bad-people to fill it.

Supposedly the void left by The Bat would be the reason why Kate Kane’s father’s private security force ended up moving in to town.
This situation would lead to a rise in crime, gangs, thugs, boardroom misfits and so on.
And yet, it didn’t, none of them showed up to play.
The Crows, the Cops, the Authorities, none of them are dirty.

Seriously, this version of Gotham doesn’t need a masked vigilante.

All Gotham has is a bunch of family drama.

Kate’s crazed sister and her gang, who want revenge because their father stopped looking  for the sister because the step-mother falsified some evidence, is all we have to look forward to.

Alice/Beth abducts Kate’s ex-girlfriend, which is the trigger point for Kate returning and everything going bad. Family Drama.

And thus, Gotham is too clean.