Archive | 2019-11-03

The world we want to live in.

So I guess there are three simple questions to ask a person in power to determine if they’re a good choice.

First off: What is Paradise?
This is really a personal thing for them, it could vary quite dramatically based on their belief system or how they were raised, or even where they were raised. The point is that they define it.

Second: Do you want to live in Paradise?
This is the present, not some future afterlife type scenario, but if it existed right now would you want to live in it?

Third: What are you willing or doing to make Paradise a reality?
It can be something as simple as planting some trees (such as twenty million that TeamTrees is working on right now, a lot of youtube channels have jumped on board) or something more complicated like developing drought resistant crops.

It’s pretty clear that groups like the current Australian government (in 2019 for future readers) doesn’t care about making Australia a better place, just the lives of the few. It doesn’t matter to them what happens in the future, because they won’t have to try and live through it.

Like who wouldn’t want clean drinking water, food, and air, today?
Declaring that you don’t care if others have access to those things once you have them shows the kind of person you are.

So in the end, if you want to make the world a slightly better place for tomorrow, you can do something as simple as donate to #teamtrees where every dollar (assuming USD) donated leads to another tree being planted, with the goal being 20 million by the start of next year.
Thanks to the internet, that’s over twelve million of the target planted (well I don’t actually know how quickly they get planted after the money is donated) with just under two months remaining so far.
Forget Awareness, plant a tree today!