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Heat, no, no, stahp!

So, it’s just past 4pm on the 29th of november, I am sitting here in boxer shorts.

I actually managed to locate a somewhat working pedestal fan in the hallway. There was another one, but for some reason it was missing the plug.

It is 38 degrees!

Now before you start thinking that’s actually pretty cold, I’m in Australia, we use Celsius/centigrade.
This is basically human body temperature heat.

I have no idea how hot my systems are running today, but I’m trusting that I did my job well enough and they’ll hold up.

Angelique is of course just using old fashioned air-cooling, I’m not planning to do anything too intensive with her.

Stitch of course has a closed loop radiator/waterblock setup as well as all the air-cooling so I’m pretty sure she should be fine.
Might need to clean one of her filters near the PSU though.

Australian Summers are just not fun.
It’s still spring.