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Noctis Personæ: The Beginning

Well in just under 140 minutes, Noctis ’08 AKA Wintercon, begins.

We’re starting off with a nice little welcome dinner at the Duke, but the real festivities begin tomorrow.

A whole pile of interstaters are heading in, have headed in and a lot of people are going to get drunk and party.

And just because I could, I decided to buy something special for this weekend.

My werewolf Rahu is a bit of a metal-head, so he likes his leather and spikes, and I figured it was about time I upgraded his wardrobe.

So I went and bought me a nice new metal studded vambrace which can be found here.

I was a bit concerned that the upper diametre was going to be a bit much for my arm, but it actually fits rather well. Still not sure on the appropriate method for lacing them up.

Still things should get interesting. All going well on Saturday I’ll be able to arrange a couple of cakes for the Apostate meeting.

Much fun to be had.