Noctis Personæ: The Beginning

Well in just under 140 minutes, Noctis ’08 AKA Wintercon, begins.

We’re starting off with a nice little welcome dinner at the Duke, but the real festivities begin tomorrow.

A whole pile of interstaters are heading in, have headed in and a lot of people are going to get drunk and party.

And just because I could, I decided to buy something special for this weekend.

My werewolf Rahu is a bit of a metal-head, so he likes his leather and spikes, and I figured it was about time I upgraded his wardrobe.

So I went and bought me a nice new metal studded vambrace which can be found here.

I was a bit concerned that the upper diametre was going to be a bit much for my arm, but it actually fits rather well. Still not sure on the appropriate method for lacing them up.

Still things should get interesting. All going well on Saturday I’ll be able to arrange a couple of cakes for the Apostate meeting.

Much fun to be had.

Upcoming events of gaming type nature.

I figured that with the small presence I’ve managed to attain here without having to spam all the time, that people might pay attention to a few things.

First up, this Thursday at the So Bar, 270 Russell street Melbourne Australia, we have a chance to just chill.
These are the nights when a bunch of us gamers just get together, watch anime, play some wii and just hang out.
Things generally start around 6 or 7pm, and go on towards midnight.

Then on the Friday night, at the Belgian Beer Cafe, we have Beerkips: The Returning (Fuck Yeah!)
Well it’s not really an official sequel, just a different bunch of gamers hanging out and drinking and stuff, as covered in my previous post found here.
This supposedly starts around 6:30pm

Nothing really planned this weekend, though I think my parents will be in town, and I suppose being sociable with them would work nicely.

Next week we have similar events, So Bar on the Thursday, and probably Beerkips: Because Moar on the Friday.

But this is where things get mixed up a bit, I probably won’t be attending either of these drinking nights for one simple reason: Noctis Personæ 2008!

Starting on the Thursday night with a welcome dinner and stuff (if I get bored I might head to the So Bar anyway), then with games such as Mage: The Awakening and Changeling: The Lost all weekend, finishing on Monday with a farewell dinner.

If you’re a member of the Camarilla (sounds wanky doesn’t it when I put it this way) and you’re going to be in town, and have some time spare time, go and register here and help us get the numbers up.
There’s a timetable and everything.

If you’re going to be playing more than 2 sessions (as in more than 1 genre) I suggest shelling out for the All Sessions Pass, as beyond 3 sessions it’s the most economical.

If I get bored I’ll probably head home or something early I guess.

Anyway, that’s what’s coming.