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Beerkips… fuck yeah!

Well tonight I did something different, rather than staying at home watching anime and playing video-games, or hanging out with a cool Cranbourne bird, I decided to mix things up a little.

I decided to go to my first Respawn Drinks Night, aka Beerkips, or Moar.

Now my first challenge was simple, locate the Eureka Tower. Not as easy as it might seem.
You see I have an unusual form of domestic blindness, unless I’m specifically looking for something and have it pointed out to me such as on a map or with pictures, I’ll just totally over-look things.
Such was the case with the Eureka Tower.

I’ve passed by it many times, yet until tonight had never seen it, despite it towering over it’s nearest opposition in a manner that’s hard to miss, yet miss it I did.

So I googled and so on and got pictures and planned out my route.

Next task was simple, food.
I chose the lazy but smart option: I called the local Fish & Chippery and placed an order of Flake for me to pick up on the way to the station.

Not only did I time it well, I timed it excellently, arriving at the station at roughly 1 minute remaining.

The trip into the city was uneventful.

Eventually I got into the city, stopped off for some cash at flinders and elizabeth, then proceeded through the underpass, across a bridge and around some corners to the base of Eureka Tower.
The Belgian Beer Cafe was right in front of me and was indeed my destination.

Upon arriving I was spotted by one Tankii, who waved quite emphatically, drawing my attention to the motley crew of Respawn admins, regulars, and some people I’d never seen before.

There were many shenanigans, what with the size of Zardoz lenses, Spiteful’s body armour, Sando’s being a Genuine Asian Male, and R4N’s contagious state of being.

A lot of photos were taken, a lot of beer consumed, and the one known as Deadeye drank what he called a Period, it was red with cranberry, and he’d been assured it’d help with it’s namesake.

There was much rickrolling to be had, with R4N’s phone being hijacked.

There were some card-games where Sando, Spiteful, some guy who compared a drink of tasting like anus, and myself abducting cards… many lulz indeed.

Eventually though we got to the 1am mark, were booted out passively and started going our separate ways.
Some caught taxis, the rest of us journeyed to the Swanston KFC for food, where upon I opted out along with Spiteful and we caught our respective taxis.

Nightrider trips don’t change much, though there were a couple of german girls opposite me.
Which leads me to here, where I’m home typing a blog entry.

There will be photos of beerkips no doubt online soon enough and I shall link to them.

But in future, we need more for the beerkips, because moar!

I go to bed now.


Pictures can be found at here