Money goes away as fast as it arrives.

Well, an interesting day yesterday (well technically but I haven’t been to bed yet.)

First up in the morning I got a new electronic ignition module installed in my car. Now my car works again, at least for now it does. $300 down from that.

And of course the website for Australian Camarilla Conclave (ACC) went totally live and stuff and well suffice to say I’m registered and paid for, another $80 down from that.

Oh and today Transformers opens, so I’m supposedly going to go and meet up with a bunch of people from Respawn (7th and 8th of July at Bundoora, well worth the money.)  at Northlands to go and see it, supposedly around 9am (so not looking forward to another early morning.) If you go, look for the geeky looking people, that’s us.

And I been having much fun in guildwars lately.

Till later.

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