From a fan, to me, to you.

So, today I received an email from a guy claiming himself a fan of my site (Hi Craig) who was interested in supplying some content for my site.

So being a comic fan I decided to check it out. Seems about right.

Of course there’s huge differences in terms of things.

Bruce took up being a vigilante because he had nothing else.
Lots of money, no parents, and an urge to take out his frustrations of many years without his parents out on other people.

Tony took up being a hero, well because getting pumped full of shrapnel required him to do something about it or die.
The guy who helped him of course inspired him to do more with his life than get drunk, bang women, and sell guns.

Bruce inherited his position, his money, his house, his everything, even a pretty awesome butler.

Tony inherited his position, his money, but he bought his own house, his own cars because well he likes cars, but unlike Bruce he’s an actual engineer, he built his suits with his pretty kick ass AI, Jarvis (inspired by the Jarvis from the Avengers comics) assisting him on bringing his vision to life.

Bruce utilised parts that had already been developed for the military, there were no actual development costs to him personally, he just put the pieces together.

Tony on the other hand, he designed and provided stuff to the military. He designed and fabricated the parts required for his suits.

Bruce ended up with a suit that had good manoeuvrability, that could take small-arms fire, and decent for stealth combat.

Tony ended up with a suit that could fly under it’s own power, can keep up with military jets, can take hits from weapons designed to kill tanks, and has weapons designed to kill tanks.
Tony has Augmented reality.

Bruce hides his identity for fear that people my find him and blow up his stuff.

Tony revealed his identity because he could handle the people coming after him, and the stress behind it all was just going to cause problems.

Bruce gives money to charities, but almost got his own city blown up with a device he commissioned to be built.

Tony is determined to provide limitless clean energy to the world, that energy got used to open a portal for an invading alien race of conquerors.

If you can’t tell by now, I’m very much in the Iron Man camp. 😀

And now on with the Infographic!

If there’s anything people would like me to talk about, you know geeky stuff, comics, movies, games, technology and so on, send it to me!

A single gamers valentines day.

So anyway once again it’s that time of year where people feel compelled and guilted in to paying exorbitant amounts of time and money to reinforce their declaration of love for each other.

I am not one of those people.

Today I’m spending my time with me.

Last night I was in a dungeon run in guildwars 2 and I mentioned about the day, strangely enough all five of us were single.
The general plan today was to game and generally relax.

So I woke up at 3pm. Came in to the city for an appointment, and now am sitting here waiting for a movie to start.

The one thing I noticed most on the way here was the number of people holding hands.
It was completely abnormal and proved more of a challenge to navigate.
If they were zombies it would have been awesome.

I plan when I get home to finish it as I started, guildwars 2.

Single gamer all the way.

Horror Movies, my how they make me lol.

Well just this thursday past I ended up with the night spare, as what I was meant to do fell through.

So anyway, I was about to go and catch a train when I saw a poster for Dying Breed.
I recalled that I’d previously seen the trailer for it at Saw V, and that I was interested.
I noticed that it had opened that very day and thus decided to go and see it.

A friend of mine was on his way in to the city, so I called him and informed I’d be sticking around longer due to going to see a movie, and he asked if he could tag along. I could see no issues as I don’t mind company, so I said yes.

To put this in perspective, this is a guy who doesn’t watch horror movies, who’s also fairly young.
So for him to agree to see one, I thought it would be interesting enough.

Eventually he met me near the cinema, we arranged tickets and had a snack.

And in to the movie we went.

This is one that didn’t follow the usual moves, no high body count or some highly obvious monster or anything like that, just a few people out in the middle of nowhere.

But suffice to say it made my friend scream and jump in to an adrenaline surge.

But kudos to him for staying for the entire thing, though at one point he came close to bolting and was a quivering heap for the rest of it.

It puts it in perspective that even though I watch such things to lol and for amusement, there are some people out there who turn in to puddles of jelly, like my friend.

Now I just need to show him some other fun movies, like Mirrors and so on, and see if he can grow a spine 😀

Dattebayo, oh how you amaze me sometimes.

Now, despite previous claims about how Dattebayo hate MKV and will not release in it, just this recent friday they decided to use it for their fresh sub of Naruto Shitpooden: Suicide Bonds.

Now I have one criticism there, that being the intro was at surprisingly low quality, I had difficulty following the lyrics.

Other than that, a top notch product, and I hope you continue to bring such marvelous gems to my eyes, I was quite captivated by it and watched it twice just to try and make sense of it all.

Please continue to do so in future, and don’t mind the squeamish, I don’t.

So for those who like quality japanese material with a dash of mind-fuck, go and download Suicide Bonds, just don’t blame me if it hurts your poor little stomachs or heads.

Money goes away as fast as it arrives.

Well, an interesting day yesterday (well technically but I haven’t been to bed yet.)

First up in the morning I got a new electronic ignition module installed in my car. Now my car works again, at least for now it does. $300 down from that.

And of course the website for Australian Camarilla Conclave (ACC) went totally live and stuff and well suffice to say I’m registered and paid for, another $80 down from that.

Oh and today Transformers opens, so I’m supposedly going to go and meet up with a bunch of people from Respawn (7th and 8th of July at Bundoora, well worth the money.)  at Northlands to go and see it, supposedly around 9am (so not looking forward to another early morning.) If you go, look for the geeky looking people, that’s us.

And I been having much fun in guildwars lately.

Till later.