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New domain, is all mine, muahahahaha…

Yup, that’s right kids, today I purchased this wonderful brand spanking new domain address, isn’t it awesome?

I figured that after all these years of piggybacking on someone else’ domain, that I might as well pick up one for myself.
Now my nameservers aren’t the most awesome as they don’t seem to support cnames, but other than that fairly good.

So now I can post generic crap about most things onto a place that’s my very own.

And speaking of generic crap:

Once again on a Thursday night I hung out at my friend Bruno’s bar, the So Bar (at 270 Russell street in the CBD, available for functions).
I got to have a few games of Super Smash Brothers Brawl, teaming up with Bruno vs the CPU and pwning.

Of course naturally no Thursday night would be complete without a dose of Family Guy and American Dad and a little SGA.

Also I watched me some new Bleach 166 action. Not the HD rip, never the HD rip as mentioned in my previous post, it is a troll and will cause physical pain and isn’t amusing in the least.
Poor Grimmjow Jaggerjack, didn’t realise he was going to get pwned at full Resurrecion level.

But what is it with anime and fight-scenes that requires you to have an inexhaustible supply of pillars or mountains, rocks and so on? Smashing them repeatedly is meant to show you’re hard-core?

I guess so… and now methinks it’s time to smash something up myself, maybe a little Soulstorm, or maybe some Hellgate, haven’t decided yet.


Fuck you Dattebayo, just fuck you…

Ow my eyes… the pain, the pain…

Basically I made the foolish decision to snag Dattebayo’s HD release of “Bleach”.
Bad decision on my part.
If you’re epileptic, whatever you do, do not watch the HD release of bleach 166… you will most certainly have a seizure.

What do you think happens when you have a 1920x1200p black and white flashing screen with text stating they’ll “never release shit in mkv”? you have pain, that’s what you have.

It still hurts.

Unnecessary troll is unnecessary.