Dattebayo, and while I respect them, they lead to me spending money.

Anyone who’s paid attention to my posts in the past would no doubt have noted that I’ve been watching anime fansubbed by Dattebayo.

Unfortunately I’m not sure I’m going to keep following their work, simply because of the fact that what remains, I’m rather unfamiliar with.

In case you hadn’t been keeping up with trends, recently Crunchyroll got broadcasting rights to Bleach, and previously Naruto Shippuden.
Thus, since the series were now readily accessible to the non-japanese masses, as well as the increased risk of Cease And Desist orders, Dattebayo promptly dropped them.

This of course shows they have integrity.

The problem is this, for the past two hundred and seventy odd episodes of Bleach I have grown used to their particular translations and way of doing things.
Their karaoke for the opening and ending credits, their notes about the meaning of unusual terms.
Basically their entire product package.

I like their work.
I like the way that if they discover they’ve done something wrong, they rectify the issue and release a fixed product.
I like the way they ban complainers and their inane chatter.

And now in order for me to get my weekly fix of Bleach and Naruto (which are also both being subbed by Narutoverse) I’m forced to turn to Crunchyroll.

Sure it gets me access to the episodes an hour after airing, sure their translations aren’t terrible, sure I can access them pretty much anywhere I want.
What I can’t currently do is view the episodes on my TV using my WD-TV Live, as it doesn’t have the ability to stream from Crunchyroll.

I’m quite happy paying a monthly access fee to crunchyroll, but sadly in order to watch the episodes from them I have to bring a computer in to the equation, be it with a web browser, or the Boxee client.

This has ended up with me watching it from Crunchyroll on Boxee (supposedly they’re working on a stand-alone media box called the Boxee Box, but I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to stream to my WD TV) and then later downloading them from Narutoverse for convenience.

Still, I shall Dattebayo’s choice with Hakuouki a chance, I’m grabbing the first episode right now.
And if it’s as awesome as 07 Ghost was, then most likely I will continue getting my anime crack from DB.

Damn you Dattebayo, go and make me spend money why don’t you.


Ways to spot a troll.

Well many of you might be aware that Dattebayo like to release what they like to call “trolls”

These so happen to be things that aren’t what you think you’re downloading, and are something totally different.

So here are a few things to help you notice and identify that something is indeed a troll.

  • The filename for the torrent. Now, if it should contain a YHBT prefix or an extra N that shouldn’t be there, such as nns###.torrent, then it is most likely a troll.
  • If the release name is slightly odd, such as Naruto Soulpuuden, then it is a troll.
  • If it’s a release of something that’s not meant to be out due to the series having a break for a couple of weeks, then it’s most likely a troll.
  • If it’s in MKV format, most likely a troll, as they don’t like MKV.
  • If they’ve stated that they’re not going to sub something for around a year after release, and then they supposedly release it, then it is a troll.

These are just a few small tips.

Download the trolls all the same as sometimes you get some interesting new viewing material.

If I’ve missed anything, feel free to let me know via a comment about it, and I’ll add it to the list.

Dattebayo, oh how you amaze me sometimes.

Now, despite previous claims about how Dattebayo hate MKV and will not release in it, just this recent friday they decided to use it for their fresh sub of Naruto Shitpooden: Suicide Bonds.

Now I have one criticism there, that being the intro was at surprisingly low quality, I had difficulty following the lyrics.

Other than that, a top notch product, and I hope you continue to bring such marvelous gems to my eyes, I was quite captivated by it and watched it twice just to try and make sense of it all.

Please continue to do so in future, and don’t mind the squeamish, I don’t.

So for those who like quality japanese material with a dash of mind-fuck, go and download Suicide Bonds, just don’t blame me if it hurts your poor little stomachs or heads.

Lain, how awesomely mindfucked you are.

Well just recently I managed to get my paws on a copy of Serial Experiments Lain, and even though I’m only up to episode 10, I can see just how awesome it is.

This isn’t your typical action, huge swords, fire and kung-fu grip.
Instead this is more likely to do your head in from the inside outwards, it’s just so awesome.

The whole premise of the series deals in the evolution of humanity to another plane of existence as shown by their equivalent of the internet, known as the Wired.
Eventually we’re meant to be able to reach the point that we no longer require our fleshy shells and move onto a pure digital existence.

Such a theory has been covered in other settings, all the way to Stargate, where people ascend to a pure energy form once they achieve the required knowledge or evolution.

It’s even covered somewhat in the White-Wolf roleplaying game, Mage: The Awakening, where one of the goals can be to try and gain access to the Supernal Realms and become something more than you are.

So basically such themes have been brought up elsewhere.

But things that make Lain different, are the colour-palettes used, such as shadows containing blue or red splotches, possibly hinting at the blood within, and the digital world above.
There’s also a distinct lack of violence and confrontation.

The art style is quite pleasing and solid.

This is one of those series that keeps me wanting more. That’s a good thing.

All in all I highly recommend Serial Experiments Lain to anyone who likes thought provoking material.
Maybe not so for the DBZ crowd who like things simple and explosive.


New domain, is all mine, muahahahaha…

Yup, that’s right kids, today I purchased this wonderful brand spanking new domain address, isn’t it awesome?

I figured that after all these years of piggybacking on someone else’ domain, that I might as well pick up one for myself.
Now my nameservers aren’t the most awesome as they don’t seem to support cnames, but other than that fairly good.

So now I can post generic crap about most things onto a place that’s my very own.

And speaking of generic crap:

Once again on a Thursday night I hung out at my friend Bruno’s bar, the So Bar (at 270 Russell street in the CBD, available for functions).
I got to have a few games of Super Smash Brothers Brawl, teaming up with Bruno vs the CPU and pwning.

Of course naturally no Thursday night would be complete without a dose of Family Guy and American Dad and a little SGA.

Also I watched me some new Bleach 166 action. Not the HD rip, never the HD rip as mentioned in my previous post, it is a troll and will cause physical pain and isn’t amusing in the least.
Poor Grimmjow Jaggerjack, didn’t realise he was going to get pwned at full Resurrecion level.

But what is it with anime and fight-scenes that requires you to have an inexhaustible supply of pillars or mountains, rocks and so on? Smashing them repeatedly is meant to show you’re hard-core?

I guess so… and now methinks it’s time to smash something up myself, maybe a little Soulstorm, or maybe some Hellgate, haven’t decided yet.


Fuck you Dattebayo, just fuck you…

Ow my eyes… the pain, the pain…

Basically I made the foolish decision to snag Dattebayo’s HD release of “Bleach”.
Bad decision on my part.
If you’re epileptic, whatever you do, do not watch the HD release of bleach 166… you will most certainly have a seizure.

What do you think happens when you have a 1920x1200p black and white flashing screen with text stating they’ll “never release shit in mkv”? you have pain, that’s what you have.

It still hurts.

Unnecessary troll is unnecessary.