Lain, how awesomely mindfucked you are.

Well just recently I managed to get my paws on a copy of Serial Experiments Lain, and even though I’m only up to episode 10, I can see just how awesome it is.

This isn’t your typical action, huge swords, fire and kung-fu grip.
Instead this is more likely to do your head in from the inside outwards, it’s just so awesome.

The whole premise of the series deals in the evolution of humanity to another plane of existence as shown by their equivalent of the internet, known as the Wired.
Eventually we’re meant to be able to reach the point that we no longer require our fleshy shells and move onto a pure digital existence.

Such a theory has been covered in other settings, all the way to Stargate, where people ascend to a pure energy form once they achieve the required knowledge or evolution.

It’s even covered somewhat in the White-Wolf roleplaying game, Mage: The Awakening, where one of the goals can be to try and gain access to the Supernal Realms and become something more than you are.

So basically such themes have been brought up elsewhere.

But things that make Lain different, are the colour-palettes used, such as shadows containing blue or red splotches, possibly hinting at the blood within, and the digital world above.
There’s also a distinct lack of violence and confrontation.

The art style is quite pleasing and solid.

This is one of those series that keeps me wanting more. That’s a good thing.

All in all I highly recommend Serial Experiments Lain to anyone who likes thought provoking material.
Maybe not so for the DBZ crowd who like things simple and explosive.


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