Archive | 2008-06-02

Cubed… I am Cubed… Cubed I am!

This is just a small post to inform the world that as of an hour ago, I am Cubed.

Now for those of you without a clue it’s simple, 3 to the power of 3. AKA 3 Cubed.

This is also my current age today. Though technically I should wait another 10 hours or so, I don’t care.

It’s my birthday and I am 3^3.

So far I have received some decent quality wool slacks and a fancy black shirt I can wear when I go out and stuff.

And thus I remind you all, that birthday celebrations will be on the 6th, not before, not after, but the 6th.

Alas that date isn’t magical, but what can I do, my age will just have to suffice.

So go to the So Bar on 270 Russell street on Friday, and enjoy my being Cubed.


And now for some of those geeky facts as mentioned in a comment, go to wikipedia.
It really is an awesome number.