Totes Amazeballs – or how my adventures in dual-booting my steambox with win10TP are failing.

So I’m sitting here in a room with a bunch of friends and good people, settling in for a good weekend.
Yet, I’m attempting to escalate my steambox to a full dual-boot.

What I did did previously was install SteamOS, then unplugged that drive and installed Win8.1 on the other.
Last weekend I totally mangled things, and the then win10 install was no longer viable (however I did manage to have steamos booting in nicely.)

This weekend I’m making the fresh attempt to get everything running. Firstly installing 10 on Drive0, and then SteamOS on Drive1.
Both are in place, however grub didn’t do anything with the boot manager.

This is what I’m choosing to do when not playing games, or waiting for other friends to turn up.

In the new year I’m intending to finally acquire a new SSD, from there I can do a fresh main system install, at which point I’ll probably be swapping motherboards between systems.
This is primarily as the g1Sniper, whilst nice, has sucky linux driver support, and thus is primarily wasted.
Alas I’ll most likely have to downgrade to a 5.1 setup, but what can you do.

The answer to my problems is obviously to praise GabeN, for I am 550 yards from the hole.


New years, new friends, new place, new everything.

So I’m sitting here at a party thrown by some good friends and thought I might muse over the last year.

Some long awaited games came out and I bought many of them.

I bought a new PC from pccasegear.

Soundwave where I got to see half the bands I wanted because I got fried in the sun.

Spent a lot of time with my new first legion guildies who followed me over to guild wars 2.
Crash, Palamax, Nhorn, Warjay, Blazorax, Tara and many more that slip my mind, you’re all awesome people.

I met the most awesome person ever, Nikki I shall miss you.

And I will not get a haircut.

I shall post more later after some drinking.

It’s not friday honest.

Curses at Rebecca Black for telling us it’s Friday when it’s obviously now sunday.

I have enough trouble keeping track of the day as it is without some underage skank telling me lies. I am a gamer after all.

Fortunately I am at a metal club and thus am not being told it’s Friday.

Also by virtue of having a car I don’t have to decide what seat I’m in. Front FTW.

Also, Penis!

Haven’t posted in some time.

Had skin ripped to shred by a girl named Chocolate, had the flu thanks to her as well.

Anyway go here as I’ve been told not to link this blog as someone will get in trouble for it.
It’s posted anyway.

Oh and I have a party here with a bunch of lanners.

Loud lanners are loud.

Enough said.

DV8, go there because I am. Also Embers of Sanity!

Well originally I wasn’t going to be going to DV8 on this saturday the 9th of August due to a LAN event, however I’d totally forgotten I said I was going to be at a mate’s 21st on that same night.

Now I was meant to go to another mate’s birthday last sunday but totally forgot due to saturday night drinking.
So I figure I shouldn’t miss this one. It’ll look bad.

So yes, after birthday shindig we’re planning to move over to DV8.

Much alcohol will be consumed in huge amounts.

Also, my mate Spike, who DJs at DV8 (10 till 12 set this sat on floor 1) has a band, that band is playing on wednesday, you should all go and see them because he is metal and wants me to spam people with it.

Spike's band has a gig.

Spike's band has a gig.

Yes, that strangely hard to red text up the top of it says Embers of Sanity and I think I shall mock him about that… Spike you have been mocked.

The more people who turn up the better supposedly, they’re recording it or so I’ve been told.

So anyway, go to DV8 this saturday and every saturday as it is awesome, and come to the gig on wednesday as Spike is awesome.

Also, I am awesome.

That is all.


Post Beerkips, Post Lan, Post sleeplessness.

Well it has been a long and sleepless past week.

First I turned 27 as I already posted. I managed to get a Boost for my birthday and all, so kinda special.

Then over the next few days I had issues with getting up late and stuff, eventually staying up from 9:30pm on wednesday night all the way till thursday night when I crashed out totally.

Friday it was when the Beerkips struck. Suffice to say the turnout was larger than expected.

The following attended, in no particular order, and well I probably forgot a few people, but if you let me know I’ll add you in to the listing just because I can edit this thing.

  • Bruno
  • Mr. Vos
  • Lawrence
  • Linda
  • R4N|307|
  • Mang
  • Ithuriel
  • Sando
  • Wolfmother
  • Sparks
  • Luke
  • Chris
  • z_brutalis

As I said, I’ve most likely left some people off the list, don’t get offended, just let me know and I’ll add you in later.

Let’s see, that night a had around 3 vodka and Vs, a sip of peppermint vodka (that stuff is hideously vile, transmission fluid would be better) and of course a Jager Bomb.
Not exactly a heavy night of drinking, but then I don’t usually touch alcohol.

A good night indeed.
Not to mention it was fun watching the normals start to walk in to the bar (270 Russell Street, So Bar, go there) and then walk out when they realised the roleplaying/lanning/channing crowd alongside the metal backing tracks.

There was also fire.

Of course I only got around 3 hours sleep that night as brutalis crashed at my house on the spare bed before wanting to try and get to his fiance’s place by 11… then of course I went to help run my Mage: The Awakening game at the same bar that evening, before heading to the Requiem game before piking out.

I crashed early that night due to a headache and got around 12 hours sleep prior to packing my gear on sunday morning and driving to south gippsland for a lan.

I’m not really sure what the lan was called, other than it was in Leongatha with a bunch of people I haven’t really seen in years, but it was awesome.

I will expand further on things when I need to, but that’s good coverage methinks.

Also R4N is good at spilling drinks over everybody, and Wolfmother is good at not holding his alcohol within himself.

Cubed… I am Cubed… Cubed I am!

This is just a small post to inform the world that as of an hour ago, I am Cubed.

Now for those of you without a clue it’s simple, 3 to the power of 3. AKA 3 Cubed.

This is also my current age today. Though technically I should wait another 10 hours or so, I don’t care.

It’s my birthday and I am 3^3.

So far I have received some decent quality wool slacks and a fancy black shirt I can wear when I go out and stuff.

And thus I remind you all, that birthday celebrations will be on the 6th, not before, not after, but the 6th.

Alas that date isn’t magical, but what can I do, my age will just have to suffice.

So go to the So Bar on 270 Russell street on Friday, and enjoy my being Cubed.


And now for some of those geeky facts as mentioned in a comment, go to wikipedia.
It really is an awesome number.


Birthday Beerkips 3^3: Fuck Yeah!

I’ll make this quick and simple as I am eating chicken kievs right now and don’t want them to get cold.

On Monday I turn 3 cubed, or for the less geeky, 27.

This is a significant number for me, so I figure I might as well advertise for people to come and celebrate it with me.

Most days of the week don’t work, as people need to work and study, thus I selected Friday the 6th of June as the night of Beer.

It’s going to be held at the So Bar at 270 Russell Street from around 6pm, until something like 1am.

If you’re on facebook, the event can be located Here.

So come, drink, be merry, be pippin, be sam.

This will only happen once in my lifetime!


Beerkips: The Returning… Fuck Yeah!

Well as posted previously, tonight was Beerkips night.

I arrived there later than intended as I need to take the rubbish out, then go and buy some basic consumables (you cannot have sammages without bread.)

So I got there after 8, now this may not seem all that late to you, but it’s later than I planned as I walked all the way from Richmond Station to the base of Eureka Tower.

Why did I walk all that distance, you ask.
The answer is simple, emos. Or rather one particular ex-emo who decided that playing Chicken with trains was a really good idea.
Protip: When a large hunk of mainly metal is heading towards you at around 100k/h, move to the side. The Train always wins.

Official reasoning for the delay for Defective Signals, and it was even suggested by the train-driver to catch a tram the rest of the way.

What a brilliant idea this was. Except the number of people who decided to follow his advice. Packed trams are not fun for someone who doesn’t like being around people to that level.
Trams obviously weren’t an option.

Unlike some people, however, I chose not to walk along the tram-lines off into the city.
Instead I decided to cross the river and follow it to my destination, also on that side of the river.

Things I learned on my journey: People like wearing Essendon football tops. The river curves multiple ways. People who watch Korn in concert all look the same. And Templestowe is around 43 kilometres from the Arts Centre.

Eventually I got to my destination, there I found the following: R4N, Zardoz, Wolfmother, Sando and Deadeye.
There may have been some others but it’s not important (if you feel offended I missed you from this initial list, harass me on IRC or something and I will add you.

Later on we got Hider and his furfag friends (yes, they are furries, and furries are bad, but not as bad as plushies, as at least furs aren’t plush toys), Miniwalks, Zwan, Ithuriel and Spectre (again if I missed you out, tell me.)

Many shenanigans were had and talked about and such serious topics as these:
If you mix beer with anti-beer you get fire, and then ninjas can’t catch you as you’re on fire.
Is the original Castle Wolfenstein 8 bit or not?
You just lost the game.
Rick Astley
Tone-deaf karaoke.
Chocolat beer.
Why won’t TC learn that he can’t win if he keeps antagonising Miniwalks.

Eventually everyone left except Zardoz, Ithuriel and myself.
Around that time my good friend z_brutalis and his girlfriend showed up, it has been her birthday and I finally got to meet the girl who’d made him her bitch.

Last drinks were called and we decided to relocate towards the food on Swanston street.

On the way, just outside the beer cafe, z_brutalis proposed to his girlfriend, and she said yes, levelling up to being his fiancé.

We made our way along the river to where we could ascend to street-level and discovered something amazing: there are real live fish surviving in the Yarra!

Eventually we made our way to where we could obtain biomass, and the newly engaged z_brutalis offered to drive me home, rather than me catch the Niterider.
Thus I spent some more time hanging out with the two engaged youngsters.

You have not experienced anything as frightening as being in a car that decides to keep pace with 4 other P-platers at speed… I just don’t trust what other drivers will do.

Eventually we made it back to my place, chatted for awhile, and they left off to their next destination, and I came in here, and well started blogging this.

There will be moar beerkips in future.

And congratulations to you two, you know who you are.