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Ways to spot a troll.

Well many of you might be aware that Dattebayo like to release what they like to call “trolls”

These so happen to be things that aren’t what you think you’re downloading, and are something totally different.

So here are a few things to help you notice and identify that something is indeed a troll.

  • The filename for the torrent. Now, if it should contain a YHBT prefix or an extra N that shouldn’t be there, such as nns###.torrent, then it is most likely a troll.
  • If the release name is slightly odd, such as Naruto Soulpuuden, then it is a troll.
  • If it’s a release of something that’s not meant to be out due to the series having a break for a couple of weeks, then it’s most likely a troll.
  • If it’s in MKV format, most likely a troll, as they don’t like MKV.
  • If they’ve stated that they’re not going to sub something for around a year after release, and then they supposedly release it, then it is a troll.

These are just a few small tips.

Download the trolls all the same as sometimes you get some interesting new viewing material.

If I’ve missed anything, feel free to let me know via a comment about it, and I’ll add it to the list.

Embers of Sanity, this weekend at DV8.

I have just been informed by my good friend, Spike Therion, that his band, Embers of Sanity, will be playing on level 3 of DV8 this saturday the 27th of September at 10:30pm.

So if you feel like seeing an up and coming act, check them out, then buy Spike a drink so he gets hammered.

Dattebayo, oh how you amaze me sometimes.

Now, despite previous claims about how Dattebayo hate MKV and will not release in it, just this recent friday they decided to use it for their fresh sub of Naruto Shitpooden: Suicide Bonds.

Now I have one criticism there, that being the intro was at surprisingly low quality, I had difficulty following the lyrics.

Other than that, a top notch product, and I hope you continue to bring such marvelous gems to my eyes, I was quite captivated by it and watched it twice just to try and make sense of it all.

Please continue to do so in future, and don’t mind the squeamish, I don’t.

So for those who like quality japanese material with a dash of mind-fuck, go and download Suicide Bonds, just don’t blame me if it hurts your poor little stomachs or heads.

Respawn: 9 – Grandfinal Shenanigans.

Well that time is upon us once again.

Respawn, the premium gaming scene of Melbourne is having another event in a few weeks time.

I decided to quote it below just for those of you not willing to go to their main site at where you will go eventually, because I know you will.

Respawn LAN v9
September 27-28th
The Union Hall, La Trobe University Bundoora

With more win and gold than the Chinese Olympic team comes the next installment of Melbourne’s most popular LAN gaming event, Respawn. We’re back for the Grand Final weekend to bring you a 350 player exclusive event.

Competitions will include:
* Warcraft III 1v1
* Warcraft III DOTA
* QuakeWorld Deathmatch (DM6)
* Flatout 2
* Worms World Party
* CS Source 5v5
* CS Source GunGame

And other servers will include Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Quake 3 arena and more! Since we’re running on the Grand Final weekend, we’ll aim to have the game on the projector for those who love their aussie rules.

Registrations are alrady open right here, clicky clicky. We look forward to seeing you there!

So come to Respawn, I’ll be there, so should you.