DC Universe Online, and how I fixed a small issue that Sony Online Entertainment caused with the Steam Release.

So anyway I’ve been really peeved over the past couple of days.

I bought DCUO via Steam despite it not being released in Australia, and no matter what I tried, the Launchpad application was totally useless.

Tonight I finally solved the problem, which was outdated URLs in the Launchpad.ini file.

This is the file that’s meant to tell the Launchpad.exe where the latest app data is located as well as the interface code.

So below are the offending two lines that I replaced:


And I replaced them with the following lines:


Now if you’re observant you’ll notice that while there may be some similarities, the domains are totally different!
There was no way possible for the program to function when using entirely wrong URLs.
Thus it could not check for the latest release, could not login, could not do anything other than sit there looking useless.

So if you have that small problem I had with it doing absolutely nothing but showing the SOE logo, go in to your game directory and fix that one small file.
And feel free to thank me 😀

Looking forward to finally playing the game.

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