DC Universe Online – You will not be missed.

So anyway, back at the beginning of things I bought a copy of DC Universe Online, since you know being able to be a superhero or villain and beat shit up is pretty cool.
It was fun to play, but then the problems began.

Like all MMOs, after the initial free month of included time (not really free if you think about it), the huge surge of players that lead to the need for server queues dropped off.
And with the plethora of servers available we ended up with veritable ghost towns.
This being a problem when on a PvP server wanting to pwn people.

Of course this doesn’t take in to account the number of people using exploits, which were driving people to PvE. Exploits which just weren’t being addressed.

Major issues and bugs kept cropping up, but none of them were getting fixed.
New content was promised, and what we’ve received has been fairly lackluster, as well as being very buggy.

Of course what’s really happened that will kill this game is major security breaches have happened, first with the PlayStationNetwork, and now with SOE.
Breach 1 happened, we got informed that everything was fine and there was no problem with SOE and our information was secure since it’s in a different location. This shook our confidence.
Breach 2 happened, and we’re informed around 24.6million user’s information may now be out in the wild, as well as over twelve thousand user’s direct debit and credit card information.

It may not be a lot in terms of things, but come on close to 25 million people?
And there’s a good chance I’m one of those people.

So naturally I do the obvious thing and try to cancel my subscription, but I can’t get in to do that.
I doubt anyone can.
The game’s also down for however long, and apparently we’re going to be granted 30 + 1(each day service is unavailable) days of free play time. Somehow to me, and no doubt many others, this isn’t enough.

So the short of it is this, when I can end my account I will. It’s too much of a security risk.
DC Universe Online is a low grade product, and can’t compare with much else out there.
It’s just not worth the time or money any more.

DC Universe Online, and how I fixed a small issue that Sony Online Entertainment caused with the Steam Release.

So anyway I’ve been really peeved over the past couple of days.

I bought DCUO via Steam despite it not being released in Australia, and no matter what I tried, the Launchpad application was totally useless.

Tonight I finally solved the problem, which was outdated URLs in the Launchpad.ini file.

This is the file that’s meant to tell the Launchpad.exe where the latest app data is located as well as the interface code.

So below are the offending two lines that I replaced:


And I replaced them with the following lines:


Now if you’re observant you’ll notice that while there may be some similarities, the domains are totally different!
There was no way possible for the program to function when using entirely wrong URLs.
Thus it could not check for the latest release, could not login, could not do anything other than sit there looking useless.

So if you have that small problem I had with it doing absolutely nothing but showing the SOE logo, go in to your game directory and fix that one small file.
And feel free to thank me 😀

Looking forward to finally playing the game.