Gaming with boobs: A snapshot.

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There is a 23% chance she is watching a horror movie as you read this.

Her first young adult novel, Lifesphere Inc: Acquisition was released on the 20th of May. You can find out more about Talitha at her website:

Gaming with boobs: A snapshot.

Being a female in an MMO is somewhat like being a female and walking into a bar. Inhibitions are low, self entitlement is high and almost everyone is drinking. If there are mostly men, the few females are going to get a lot of attention, however if there is a healthy mix, the attention is a bit more spread out.

How it plays out from there depends very much on the manager and, to a lesser extent, the other patrons. Someone is going to misbehave–if the manager tells them to GTFO, then everyone gets the idea that sort of thing isn’t going to be tolerated. If no one does anything, the behaviour will get worse and worse. Any female present will be bullied, harassed, threatened and worse.

Guys tend to fall into three categories with this behaviour. Firstly, there are good guys who know it is never appropriate to harass women, online or off. Secondly, there are assholes that will ALWAYS harass women, online and off. Thirdly, there are sheep. Sheep always think they are good guys, but the truth is, if everyone else is doing something, they will too. They believe there are contexts where it is appropriate and assume this is one of them.

Don’t be an asshole or a sheep.

I choose to avoid games and guilds were guys are assholes. However it’s really, really hard to avoid games and guilds where some of the other women don’t annoy the living fuck out of me.

Women do have a raw deal when it comes to gaming. We are treated like shit by a majority of male players. However to compensate for this (or because they are trying to win their approval) many guild leaders tolerate complete bullshit from female players.

We’re all familiar with the attention seeking bimbo gamer. She talks about her shopping in guild chat and says ‘but I’m a girl’ every freaking hour, just in case someone forgot. She has to make jokes about being female in every conversation, as if it’s impossible for women to talk about amour stats without saying something like: ‘Well, we girls NEED extra vitality! Teehee!’

I have news for you, guys. Those girls annoy sensible girls a lot more than they annoy you. We’re not trying to get in their pants or see their titties. We don’t care about their goddamn shoes either.

When I’m considering a guild, I find out about the officers. At least one of them has to be female and she has to prove she’s not an attention seeking airhead. Why? Because any battle hardened female officer worth her salt will make a point of weeding out the annoying girls. (Also, awesome female officers draw the attention from me and I know I’ll be flirted with less.)

So would you like some tips on dealing with females in game?

  1. Don’t make assumptions about people. Everyone is an individual. If you don’t want someone assuming you are a fat, pimply, basement dwelling wanker who hates women, don’t assume all female gamers are ‘the same’.
  2. Have conversations with us. Real ones. Don’t make everything innuendo and flirting. It’s boring. You’re attracted to female gamers. WE KNOW.
  3. If some bitch is talking about her shoes, say: “We don’t care about your shoes.” Don’t name call, don’t belittle. Someone who wants in her pants more than you will probably say they do care, tell them to talk about it in PM. Then he’ll be stuck talking to her about shoes for an hour and we’ll ALL have our revenge.
  4. If you are a guild officer, don’t tolerate sexism. Of any kind. That includes ‘women in the kitchen’ jokes. That kind of stuff is hateful and hostile. It about the same as saying: ‘Niggers are all slaves.’ It boggles my mind when people think it’s ‘just a joke’.
  5. If one of the girls in your guild is awesome and you really like her, talk to her about mutual interests and develop a rapport, rather than sending gifts. I’d much rather have intelligent conversations about Joe Abercrombie’s books than get free stuff. Any girl who is asking for gifts probably isn’t really interested in you.

I hope you found this informative. Feel free to visit my website (  and drop me and email.

Lifesphere Inc: Acquisition

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Talitha’s first young adult novel Lifesphere Inc: Acquisition tells the story of Eli, a thirteen year old orphan living in an immense garbage tip that rings the city.
He sells trash to survive, while on the Topside, citizens live in hedonistic luxury.
Eli dreams of obtaining citizenship by becoming a handler; bonded with a bio-organic life form called a meka.
On the Topside, handlers are celebrities, pitting their skills in televised meka battles. But new legislation will only allow those with citizenship to become handlers and Eli can’t raise the money to buy a meka before the law is passed.
A grifter named Kalex offers Eli a trade: meka of his own, if he competes in an illegal fight to the death.

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Free Steam Weekends, or how to waste my bandwidth for no obvious advantage.

So, some of you may be aware that from time to time Steam runs Free Weekends for some of it’s catalogue where you can tell it to download the game, and over a period of a few days play it.

This latest one of course has proven to me that it’s really a waste of my bandwidth.

First up, the weekends normally start on the thursday or friday or something (depends where you are, for me it’s friday) and you then get the ability to install the game.

From there it download the game, which these days can be quite significant, this one for example is around 10Gig in size.
Your connection quality plays in to this, and we’re not all fortunate enough to have 1Gb connections.
So it can often take quite awhile, especially if you’ve utilised Steam’s rate limiting function (in my case to 60KB/s).

After all this you get to play it.

For me it’s now sunday, I’ve finished acquiring the game, and I am now able to play it.

There’s a patch, more downloading.

It’s done, I can now click the play button and play, giving me maybe a day or two at most with which I can play.

The reason I consider it to be a waste of bandwidth in my case is I already own a game account.
It was already installed, it was already up to date.

The way it was originally released with steam was the service provided the launcher only, from there the launcher would download the rest of the content (all 10gig of it.)

I have now successfully re-downloaded the entire game when I didn’t need to in the first place.

Well done Steam.

And now I’m going to go and play something else instead after all this.

AmK out.

The System Protection Saga, it’s still really annoying.

So awhile back I posted about the annoyance of the current state of copy and account protection for games and my small Blizzard problem.

I guess it’s time for a bit of an update.

It seems I never get to calling whenever they’re open, because I have no idea what time of day or night that is for me here in eastern australia.
7am to 8pm may seem like a big time window. But really it’s not when dealing with people on the other side of the globe.

Just then I did some conversion work, and I have a wonderful time slot of 2am to 3pm according to their message.
I just called, it’s not even 2pm here, they’re closed.

So that’s off the board for another 12 hours I guess.

I managed to locate my warcraft 3 and frozen throne cases complete with cd keys on them.
So I figure why not put those in to the system, you know to verify who I am.

Just like my Starcraft 2 key, these ones also don’t appear to be in the system.

Wow, this is a brilliant idea.
Sure I can play warcraft 3 no problems, and even diablo 2 (I don’t install, I just migrate the directory between machines).
However Starcraft 2, the Heart of the Swarm Beta, and Diablo 3 are all off the books, all because I moved house and their automated system refuses to recognise product keys that have been registered with my account.

I have the games, I have the boxes, I have the jewel cases and the discs, manuals, the works, but I might as well not.

Now I compare this with the wonderful experience I’ve had with dealing with arenanet support trying to get my password for my guildwars account reset.
All the information asks you to submit a ticket on their system which uses a different login system, easily done.
They then ask you for a bunch of information like game keys and other stuff they can compare to your account.
And well it turns out I didn’t need that after all, since I just did it more or less instantly through the ncsoft account site, which had questions I could actually remember (seriously, how the hell am I supposed to know what name I would choose if I could change my name? what year did I decide that answer?)

So now I’m still unable to touch my account, yet in a fraction of the time and annoyance I’ve reclaimed my ncsoft account.
So now I’m working with the ncsoft tech guys to figure out how to get guild wars working with windows 7 using directx 9.
They’re actually a pleasure to communicate with.

So to break it down, ncsoft good, blizzard bad.

And to prove how I feel, the following picture 😀

Gotta catch them all.

So I herd you like guildwarz

System protections, or are they system restrictions.

So years back, 20 or so, gaming was a different beast entirely.
CDs were a new thing and people still used 5.25 inch floppy disks.

Back then the closest you got to copy protection was referencing the manual on the spot.
They were the good old days.

Of course then with the advent of CD burners piracy became viable to perform at the home level.

Companies decided they had to do something to make it harder for us to copy their products.
So they started an elaborate chain of events.

Physical method were devised, and shortly after defeated.

Keys were created, but shortly after generated.

Reliance on CDs was made pointless with disc emulation.

Eventually it shifted to a system where our game keys were tied to online user accounts, the media only used for installation.

Of course with people spending so much time and effort on games like World of Warcraft it became worth the time to gain access to these attacks.
Characters end up stripped of gear and money.

People complain and companies add even more strict measures to protect account access.

So we end up with external authentication by generator or mobile phone.

The problem is when password recovery becomes a serious struggle.

Tonight I have that struggle.
Tried logging in to diablo 3 for the first time in my new place.
I discovered I changed my password at some point, so after a couple of different attempts I get locked out.

Recovery of course requires me to either answer a secret question which I have no clue about due to different frame of mind, or inputting a key from a physical copy of a game.

Can’t locate my war3 or war3x cases as I moved recently, no idea where my diablo 2 keys could be, but I did find my copy of StarCraft 2.
The system denies that key is attached to my account.
Thus I am screwed.

Can’t play my games, can’t remember the answer to an obscure question from years ago, and when the next StarCraft 2 part is released I won’t be able to play it for this reason..

Guess who’s dissatisfied with Blizzard right now.

Pure White, purely offended by technical issues.

So I was hanging out in Lion’s Arch yesterday afternoon and I received a whisper from a character named Mz Pure.

I was asked if I’d be interested in joining a casual/hardcore World Vs World guild that did regular runs based in Australia.
So I agreed to do so.

I mean their definition of hardcore was 3 nights a week at 4 hours each. Pretty easy for a guy who’s generally home in the 6-10pm timeslot on most days of the week.
I mean I have no issues with doing that, especially since the monthly award requires a bunch of WvW kills as well as granting loot and money.

So I ended up as a trial soldier.
I managed an entire run with them yesterday (this being a friday evening) that appeared to have no issues.
No technical issues though I think my drivers flaked momentarily at one point.
No negative comments or feedback.
In fact my only feedback was to go to various locations to capture points and collect supplies as a group.
I did it all.

So today I log in around an hour later than intended, but still well within the required timeslot.
I changed my colours to white (or close enough, it was pretty damn white) even though there were others in the guild in WvW who were not in white or even any near approximation.
I fire up Vent apologise for lateness and ask if they were on Sanctum of Rall, to which I received a yes.
This was all I sent during that half an hour to my knowledge.

Then out of nowhere I got disconnected from Vent, but my game was still functioning, I was still running and fighting and everything.
I mentioned it in Guild Chat and someone else mentioned they were having trouble.
I switched over to vent to discover that I’d been banned from the server.

Switched back to GW2 to query what was up, and found I was no longer registering as being in Pure White.
As there have been issues in the past with the guild back-end I checked with one of the others, named Muka.
At the time he (I say He, as I’ve heard his voice and that would be a pretty manly girl) was advertising and asked what was up.

It seems that as soon as I joined the vent channel I “fukken blasted everyone’s headsets” while they were defending an area.
Nobody said anything on vent at the time, nothing about my audio stream being too loud or anything.
If they had of said something I could have just flicked a switch on my headset muting me.

But no, instead they wait half an hour and boot me and ban me without so much as a word about anything relating to it or why.

So to Muka and Mz Pure, I would like to give you a collective Fuck You.

And to anyone else on Sea of Sorrows looking for a guild, if you’re after one that does pure world vs world with no tolerance for technical issues with no social aspects whatsoever, then give Pure White a shot.
If you’re looking for people to have fun with, who can take a joke and will actually talk to you about problems that they might have with you and your play-style, then I suggest looking elsewhere.
You can even join me in The First Legion, it’s been pretty quiet since Crashes left us to get back to his real life.


DC Universe Online – You will not be missed.

So anyway, back at the beginning of things I bought a copy of DC Universe Online, since you know being able to be a superhero or villain and beat shit up is pretty cool.
It was fun to play, but then the problems began.

Like all MMOs, after the initial free month of included time (not really free if you think about it), the huge surge of players that lead to the need for server queues dropped off.
And with the plethora of servers available we ended up with veritable ghost towns.
This being a problem when on a PvP server wanting to pwn people.

Of course this doesn’t take in to account the number of people using exploits, which were driving people to PvE. Exploits which just weren’t being addressed.

Major issues and bugs kept cropping up, but none of them were getting fixed.
New content was promised, and what we’ve received has been fairly lackluster, as well as being very buggy.

Of course what’s really happened that will kill this game is major security breaches have happened, first with the PlayStationNetwork, and now with SOE.
Breach 1 happened, we got informed that everything was fine and there was no problem with SOE and our information was secure since it’s in a different location. This shook our confidence.
Breach 2 happened, and we’re informed around 24.6million user’s information may now be out in the wild, as well as over twelve thousand user’s direct debit and credit card information.

It may not be a lot in terms of things, but come on close to 25 million people?
And there’s a good chance I’m one of those people.

So naturally I do the obvious thing and try to cancel my subscription, but I can’t get in to do that.
I doubt anyone can.
The game’s also down for however long, and apparently we’re going to be granted 30 + 1(each day service is unavailable) days of free play time. Somehow to me, and no doubt many others, this isn’t enough.

So the short of it is this, when I can end my account I will. It’s too much of a security risk.
DC Universe Online is a low grade product, and can’t compare with much else out there.
It’s just not worth the time or money any more.

DC Universe Online, and how I fixed a small issue that Sony Online Entertainment caused with the Steam Release.

So anyway I’ve been really peeved over the past couple of days.

I bought DCUO via Steam despite it not being released in Australia, and no matter what I tried, the Launchpad application was totally useless.

Tonight I finally solved the problem, which was outdated URLs in the Launchpad.ini file.

This is the file that’s meant to tell the Launchpad.exe where the latest app data is located as well as the interface code.

So below are the offending two lines that I replaced:


And I replaced them with the following lines:


Now if you’re observant you’ll notice that while there may be some similarities, the domains are totally different!
There was no way possible for the program to function when using entirely wrong URLs.
Thus it could not check for the latest release, could not login, could not do anything other than sit there looking useless.

So if you have that small problem I had with it doing absolutely nothing but showing the SOE logo, go in to your game directory and fix that one small file.
And feel free to thank me 😀

Looking forward to finally playing the game.

MMOs, and the state of them these days.

So anyway I’ve been a long time player of MMOs and such over the past decade and then some, back in the beginning with such things as The 4th Coming, and Dark-Ages (no, not of Camelot) so some people could say I’ve had some experience and have played a decent number over the years.

So I figured time to talk about how they’re going, or at least the ones that catch my interest.

Guildwars, was there from the beginning and it’s been going strong over the years, but I lost touch with all the friends who were playing it, and there’s not been much new since Eye of the North that I’m aware of.
So I haven’t been playing it much over the past year or so.
Guildwars 2, on the other hand is looking spectacular. Even checked out some of the gameplay footage and it looks amazing and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. I’m expecting to pull off a masterpiece with it.

World Of Darkness Online. Well other than knowing it’s set in the old world of darkness setting like masquerade and such, I really can’t make much in the way of statements as White-Wolf/CCP haven’t really shown off anything other than some animated artwork. Curious to see what they do with it, and if it’ll all be night based and vampires, or if there will be other stuff.

Star-Trek Online, kinda got side-lined with that, and I imagine when I finally get back to it the content will have built up enough with all these new episodes. I’m just hoping the player base is still there when I do.
I do want more detailed ship interaction though, such as arranging the location of hardpoints and such, and being able to spend time tweaking values and settings to get the most out of it.
I still intend to go back and get my carrier for my klingon borg 😀

Global Agenda. Was there also at the beginning. Problem is that it stopped being able to run on my machine, and the updates are huge, in the manner of gigs. So I haven’t been able to play.
Nice concept and execution and all, but it’s not a good sign that they shifted to a free to continue playing model.

City of Heroes/Villains.
Well I started in this franchise years back with the release of Villains with the collectors box set and spent some time playing it and enjoying it, problem was too many games to focus on like guildwars and so on.
It was so much fun. Then a friend of mine convinced me to get Heroes to upgrade my account so we could play together. So I did and all was fine. Fine that is until a couple of months later when they made Villains available to owners of Heroes, and vice-versa. They basically cost me money there which I didn’t have to spend, so I guess they cheesed me off resulting in me walking away.
Come now to the very end of last year and the Steam sale, Going Rogue was on sale for $10, figured I’d pick it up and see how things had improved. Suffice to say over the past week I’ve been having lots of fun.
I probably will subscribe again. My challenge now being to find people to play it with as well as an active supergroup.
Any Arachnos Epics out there on Victory?

Dungeons and Dragons Online.
I guess I decided back in September or so that since I’d heard it had gone free to play that I might as well check it out. So I went to, created an account and downloaded the client.
And the fact I keep pumping fundage in to keep buying quest packs and things, shows it’s a winning model for me.
Come on, it’s worth a shot, is essentially free to play, and you can buy what you want. Or if you so choose you can pay each month and get access to all the account unlocks up front.
I play on the Argonessen, Khyber and Sarlona servers.

DC Universe Online.
So yesterday I decided what the hell and purchased the game through Steam and set it downloading all 13gig last night.
Tonight I went to try it out, and the account creation progress Sony have got, while it may be good if you play things like Everquest and so on, is not really up front and clear.
I could tell you what it’s like, but the furthest I get is the Launchpad application showing SOE, and that’s all. Apparently according to the Steam forums the servers are down.
Not good for them this lack of communication. Even Hellgate: London (RIP) had more of that. We could at least see in the launcher that the servers were down.

So this is more or less it all for now.
And before you ask, no I do not play WOW, it’s not worth my time or money. I just don’t enjoy it, I’ll not play it, Sam I Am.

Get game trials where possible, and if you want to get in contact with me in these games, let me know and we can set something up.