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Rise of the Aardvarks!

Last night as a bit of a joke I reworked the cosmetic aspects of what was a simple blog, since then it’s been steadily growing on me, much like the number of page hits.

Tonight I decided to take the next step and acquired the appropriate domain to match to re-interpretation.

And so I’ve decided, time to clean up the act a little, clean up my language, be a better person, someone more fitting to associate with the name Fairy-floss and Aardvarks.
If I can I aspire to stay PG-13, I really can’t see myself being G rated, though if others want to jump on board who can, I welcome them.

Time to begin the fluffy pink sugar path.

This site hasn’t been hacked, I just decided to do something different.

Some of you, those few who might happen to stumble on to my blog might have noticed something, it’s not dark and gloomy, the name’s changed and everything.

Now normally in such situations it’s due to someone hacking and then messing with the owner – this is not such a case.

This all came about as my favourite uncle wanted to try and manipulate the targeted facebook advertising based on the content of his posts.

He decided to try and get advertising about fairy-floss (known to strange people as cotton candy) and or aardvarks.

I of course decided to follow on by inserting #FairyFlossAndAardvarks in to random posts.

Then after some random musing and a dare I’ve adjusted the cosmetic aspects of this blog to suit.
No I am not a fan of pink, I consider it an abomination of sorts and I will never wear it, but somehow I thought blue might clash with an aardvark so I had to use a pink theme.

Now in order for me to cater to those keen to know things about aardvarks, I present to you the page containing the image of the aardvark I chose to purloin for the banner – 13 Amazing Anomalies about the Aardvark.
I figure since I snagged their image after a quick google search for aardvarks, the least I can do is send potential traffic their way.
That and I’m starting to find aardvarks to be a little cute.

Now I may end up changing my mind and thus the theme of my entire blog to something else at some point, but knowing me it’ll be stuck with this one for quite awhile.

Also for the record, last Respawn LAN had delicious pink fairy floss, courtesy of the talented Vot. It was tasty.

Since it is nigh on 5am, I shall now head off to bed, I hope I shall not be dreaming of aardvarks, even if there are a heap of videos of them on youtube.

#FairyflossAndAardvarks – The internet, it’s filled with stuff and things.

This isn’t a post about cats, it’s not even a post about porn, it’s a post about stuff and things.

This is of course my obligatory post about issues of late by someone who is most certainly not a journalist, I’m not a critic of any fame, and whilst I may get slow and steady traffic I’m not what you would consider a known blogger. Hell I don’t even have a regular schedule of when I post.

And yet, constantly my social feeds are filled with various causes of all sorts, most recently I’ve been bombarded by #gamergate.

As usual you have two factions slinging crap at each other, and as usual both sides at their core are ultimately corrupt and based around self-interest.

The thing that pisses me off are those so called victims, who manufacture incidents, and then they go and profit off it.
So what if there are real threats, why do they need to be advertised and milked for hits?
Report them to the appropriate authorities and go back to your work.

If all your work is associated with bomb/death threats, real or fabricated, then that’s all it ever is, you’re only going to be known as a victim.
At that point nobody is going to pay any attention to if you’ve actually got good points or not, they’re just going to focus on all these negative aspects things you’ve milked for youtube hits.

Seriously what would you prefer “person puts together an expose on the flaws of an industry and how to fix them” or “professional victim has to once again not do something, read their stuff”?

If your work can’t stand on its merits alone, then it’s not good enough. So don’t complain when people call you on it.

Now I await the inevitable attacks by the white-knights of the professional victims.
After all I am apparently everything that’s wrong with the industry and the world through no fault of my own.

Don’t worry though, I’m not going to use any death-threats (real or not) to make money, I’m not going to be a hypocrite.

Windows 9… I mean 10, totally not 9 because they chose to skip 9.

So the Windows 10 Technical Preview just got released this week.

Being somewhat skeptical about how it would handle naturally I had to get my hands on it.

For my test rig I chose to utilise the windows drive in my Steambox.
It’s an i5 in a G1.Sniper Z87 with 8gig DDR3 and a 560ti.

Up until today I’ve been running 8.1 Heavy Edition on that drive, and what better way to confirm how things function than to migrate directly to 10.

Quite simply the process was pain free.

I copied the iso over to USB, I ran the setup.exe and away it went.
I spent some time changing water in my fishtank during all this, about 5 buckets worth to give you an idea of timeframe.

Eventually it got to the point of asking me to log in, and I was finished.

Pretty much all my drivers and motherboard software still function, though App Center is chucking a fit with “This Driver can’t release to failure!”

Straight away I fired up my x11 miner and then switched over to remote desktop to really play with it from the comfort of my main win7 system.

Seriously I’m liking it so far.

Whilst it seems fairly solid at this point, I stress only try it out on an alternate system like me, things are bound to not work quite right or break and just change a lot over time.

So enough of that, here are some basic screen-caps.

Music and mining, what more could you want?

Music and mining, what more could you want?


Mining and new start menu, yes I like to place the taskbar on the side.