It doesn’t matter how much money you spend, eventually something simple will break.

So I like music.

I like music with depth and tonal separation.

I like music to be clear, to be defined, to be something I can listen to at low levels and still get the subtle nuances that it conveys.

I also like to listen to music whenever I’m not home, like on public transport.

This of course means I need a dedicated set of headphones for this exact purpose.

So last year I decided to shell out for a set of Kicker HP541 DJ-style Foldable Headphones.

I liked the feel of them, the sound quality, the fact that they had a detachable cable.

Up until this year they’ve served me pretty faithfully.

However there’s one flaw to the design which caught me off-guard, the internal wiring.

Let’s just say I now have the fun task of replacing the internal wiring, and then soldering it.
The first part will be easy, it’s the second that will prove my downfall since I haven’t soldered anything in ten years.

The lesson to me is to check the easily accessible solder points for breaks before I start disassembling the entire thing.

Now to decide if I should use the parts to install the drivers in to something else, like say my Cyberman voice changer helmet.
I always planned to redo it’s wiring to install speakers for a chest plate to amplify the pissy little voice modulator.


A single gamers valentines day.

So anyway once again it’s that time of year where people feel compelled and guilted in to paying exorbitant amounts of time and money to reinforce their declaration of love for each other.

I am not one of those people.

Today I’m spending my time with me.

Last night I was in a dungeon run in guildwars 2 and I mentioned about the day, strangely enough all five of us were single.
The general plan today was to game and generally relax.

So I woke up at 3pm. Came in to the city for an appointment, and now am sitting here waiting for a movie to start.

The one thing I noticed most on the way here was the number of people holding hands.
It was completely abnormal and proved more of a challenge to navigate.
If they were zombies it would have been awesome.

I plan when I get home to finish it as I started, guildwars 2.

Single gamer all the way.

System protections, or are they system restrictions.

So years back, 20 or so, gaming was a different beast entirely.
CDs were a new thing and people still used 5.25 inch floppy disks.

Back then the closest you got to copy protection was referencing the manual on the spot.
They were the good old days.

Of course then with the advent of CD burners piracy became viable to perform at the home level.

Companies decided they had to do something to make it harder for us to copy their products.
So they started an elaborate chain of events.

Physical method were devised, and shortly after defeated.

Keys were created, but shortly after generated.

Reliance on CDs was made pointless with disc emulation.

Eventually it shifted to a system where our game keys were tied to online user accounts, the media only used for installation.

Of course with people spending so much time and effort on games like World of Warcraft it became worth the time to gain access to these attacks.
Characters end up stripped of gear and money.

People complain and companies add even more strict measures to protect account access.

So we end up with external authentication by generator or mobile phone.

The problem is when password recovery becomes a serious struggle.

Tonight I have that struggle.
Tried logging in to diablo 3 for the first time in my new place.
I discovered I changed my password at some point, so after a couple of different attempts I get locked out.

Recovery of course requires me to either answer a secret question which I have no clue about due to different frame of mind, or inputting a key from a physical copy of a game.

Can’t locate my war3 or war3x cases as I moved recently, no idea where my diablo 2 keys could be, but I did find my copy of StarCraft 2.
The system denies that key is attached to my account.
Thus I am screwed.

Can’t play my games, can’t remember the answer to an obscure question from years ago, and when the next StarCraft 2 part is released I won’t be able to play it for this reason..

Guess who’s dissatisfied with Blizzard right now.

New years, new friends, new place, new everything.

So I’m sitting here at a party thrown by some good friends and thought I might muse over the last year.

Some long awaited games came out and I bought many of them.

I bought a new PC from pccasegear.

Soundwave where I got to see half the bands I wanted because I got fried in the sun.

Spent a lot of time with my new first legion guildies who followed me over to guild wars 2.
Crash, Palamax, Nhorn, Warjay, Blazorax, Tara and many more that slip my mind, you’re all awesome people.

I met the most awesome person ever, Nikki I shall miss you.

And I will not get a haircut.

I shall post more later after some drinking.

Heat, no, no, stahp!

So, it’s just past 4pm on the 29th of november, I am sitting here in boxer shorts.

I actually managed to locate a somewhat working pedestal fan in the hallway. There was another one, but for some reason it was missing the plug.

It is 38 degrees!

Now before you start thinking that’s actually pretty cold, I’m in Australia, we use Celsius/centigrade.
This is basically human body temperature heat.

I have no idea how hot my systems are running today, but I’m trusting that I did my job well enough and they’ll hold up.

Angelique is of course just using old fashioned air-cooling, I’m not planning to do anything too intensive with her.

Stitch of course has a closed loop radiator/waterblock setup as well as all the air-cooling so I’m pretty sure she should be fine.
Might need to clean one of her filters near the PSU though.

Australian Summers are just not fun.
It’s still spring.

New tech new worlds.

So been awhile since last post.

What’s been happening?
Well I have new technology in my life.

My HTC Wildfire started having battery issues so I decided it was time to replace it.

So now I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Quite honestly my best phone yet.
It just feels so good and intuitive.

Around the same time I chose to pick up a tablet for my portable computing needs.
So I chose the Google Nexus 7.

Of course I’m in to a new gaming habit, Guild wars 2.
So I haven’t been seen in a week.

Until next time.


It’s not friday honest.

Curses at Rebecca Black for telling us it’s Friday when it’s obviously now sunday.

I have enough trouble keeping track of the day as it is without some underage skank telling me lies. I am a gamer after all.

Fortunately I am at a metal club and thus am not being told it’s Friday.

Also by virtue of having a car I don’t have to decide what seat I’m in. Front FTW.

Wildfire, I can has yes?

So anyway I have been totally slack with posting, usually  as I forget to log in, but now I have no excuse.
This is because on Thursday I went out and purchased a shiny new HTC Wildfire from Telstra. Epic phone for only $349 prepaid.

Sure it’s no Desire but it is half the price and it natively supports Ogg Vorbis.

It also has the huge library of Android apps available so I consider it win for the price.

I will be sure to post more now that I have it.

Ciao for now.


Also, Penis!

Haven’t posted in some time.

Had skin ripped to shred by a girl named Chocolate, had the flu thanks to her as well.

Anyway go here as I’ve been told not to link this blog as someone will get in trouble for it.
It’s posted anyway.

Oh and I have a party here with a bunch of lanners.

Loud lanners are loud.

Enough said.