A single gamers valentines day.

So anyway once again it’s that time of year where people feel compelled and guilted in to paying exorbitant amounts of time and money to reinforce their declaration of love for each other.

I am not one of those people.

Today I’m spending my time with me.

Last night I was in a dungeon run in guildwars 2 and I mentioned about the day, strangely enough all five of us were single.
The general plan today was to game and generally relax.

So I woke up at 3pm. Came in to the city for an appointment, and now am sitting here waiting for a movie to start.

The one thing I noticed most on the way here was the number of people holding hands.
It was completely abnormal and proved more of a challenge to navigate.
If they were zombies it would have been awesome.

I plan when I get home to finish it as I started, guildwars 2.

Single gamer all the way.

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