From a fan, to me, to you.

So, today I received an email from a guy claiming himself a fan of my site (Hi Craig) who was interested in supplying some content for my site.

So being a comic fan I decided to check it out. Seems about right.

Of course there’s huge differences in terms of things.

Bruce took up being a vigilante because he had nothing else.
Lots of money, no parents, and an urge to take out his frustrations of many years without his parents out on other people.

Tony took up being a hero, well because getting pumped full of shrapnel required him to do something about it or die.
The guy who helped him of course inspired him to do more with his life than get drunk, bang women, and sell guns.

Bruce inherited his position, his money, his house, his everything, even a pretty awesome butler.

Tony inherited his position, his money, but he bought his own house, his own cars because well he likes cars, but unlike Bruce he’s an actual engineer, he built his suits with his pretty kick ass AI, Jarvis (inspired by the Jarvis from the Avengers comics) assisting him on bringing his vision to life.

Bruce utilised parts that had already been developed for the military, there were no actual development costs to him personally, he just put the pieces together.

Tony on the other hand, he designed and provided stuff to the military. He designed and fabricated the parts required for his suits.

Bruce ended up with a suit that had good manoeuvrability, that could take small-arms fire, and decent for stealth combat.

Tony ended up with a suit that could fly under it’s own power, can keep up with military jets, can take hits from weapons designed to kill tanks, and has weapons designed to kill tanks.
Tony has Augmented reality.

Bruce hides his identity for fear that people my find him and blow up his stuff.

Tony revealed his identity because he could handle the people coming after him, and the stress behind it all was just going to cause problems.

Bruce gives money to charities, but almost got his own city blown up with a device he commissioned to be built.

Tony is determined to provide limitless clean energy to the world, that energy got used to open a portal for an invading alien race of conquerors.

If you can’t tell by now, I’m very much in the Iron Man camp. 😀

And now on with the Infographic!

If there’s anything people would like me to talk about, you know geeky stuff, comics, movies, games, technology and so on, send it to me!

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